Removing a Talbot Express windscreen

  1. BeeJay99

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    I shall be tidying up a few small areas of rot on the Talbot part of my Swift Capri camper shortly. Two of the areas needing work are at the bottom corners of the windscreen where the steel has rusted right through. I have no problems with preparing the patches and welding them in but it is obvious that to do the job properly I will have to take the windscreen out and this is something (along with getting it back in) I have no experience of.
    I have done a search on the forum but with no helpful results so in short - how do I do it?
  2. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    ifits the old type with external bead . remove bead get someone inside with bare feet to push the screen out while u pull the gasket to one side releasing the screen :laughing:
  3. pedrobedro

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    How is the screen held in? If it is a rubber seal with a spreader strip you can pull out the spreader by prising one end out and easing it round till it is all out of the channel. I usually get something flat like an old blunt screwdriver and lift an inside corner of the main seal then prise it over the window aperture and push on the glass till the corner is free then work round with the screwdriver pulling the screen at the same time. If it's a big screen get someone to help but don't get carried away as they don't bend much before they crack. I find the screen usually comes out with the rubber attached and goes back the same way with some plastic coated rope or electrical cable in the groove to help it peel over the lip.
  4. BeeJay99

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    Thanks both for your replies. I don't know if it has an external bead or a spreader strip can you tell from this picture?
    • rust.jpg
  5. Endacy

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    Might have the strip on the inside looking at that?
  6. welshpug

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    if its anything like my 205 then there is no strip that gets pushed in, you just have to carefully ease it out with some washing line type rope or similar.
  7. the snooper

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    from that picture its a standard seal get someone to put pressure on the screen pushing it out while you pull the edge of the rubber inward to the middle of the screen it should then come out.

    when you come to refit it run some string around the rubber (the part where the steel lip sits into ) then get someone to put pressure on the glass outside and pull the string,
    that will pull the rubber back over the steel lip
  8. BeeJay99

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    Thanks welshpug and the snooper. There is no secondry bead inside or out so I'll wait 'til the weather warms up and give it a go once I find a big-footed friend.
  9. nodeward Member

    if you are going to replace the seal (advisable as the always leak when you reuse them) just run a stanley knife round the seal and it will pop right out
  10. BeeJay99

    BeeJay99 Forum Supporter

    Thanks, this is timely advice as I have not started yet on account of the elements. I WILL make sure I can buy a seal before I do this though. :whistle: