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  1. HYWYH8R Member

    I just bought a Miller mig welder and have a couple questions. What regulator settings are best. I use an argon/co2 mix. Do you set the regulator different for different heat settings/ wire sizes? Also should I be using bigger wire for thicker metals and does that make it penetrate better? I am welding 1/8" to 1/4" but mostly 3/16". Thanks

  2. malcolm

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    For wire size you'd probably be best with 0.035in (0.8mm). Anything thicker than 3/8 inch and it would be best to use 0.045in wire (1mm). Thinner wires are best for thin metal (neater weld with less build up) but the penetration does seem to become poor if you use too thin wire.

    The flow rate settings I'm unsure about. The range that gets spoken around is 10L to 20L per minute for MIG. It does increase with metal thickness. I'd guess about 12 to 15 for the range you are welding.
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    Great thanks for the info.
  4. Richclan Member

    The old rule of thumb on gas flow rates relative to wire size was 10 x wire dia
    ie 10 x 0.8mm = 8 Litres/min, with 1.2mm you would use 12 litres/min. This holds pretty true but in practice you tended a add a couple on for a bit of safety.
    In reality it really depends on several things but mainly the gas nozzle dia as this rule would apply for instance if you were using 0.8mm wire with a 200 amp torch with a nozzle dia of say 12mm, but would be too low if you used a 400 amp torch with a nozzle dia of 17 mm.
  5. Hitch

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    If your experienced is limited, its good to maker use it on the higher side as you may find you sometimes pull away a bit to far.

    On a basic machine, go for abou 12-15 litres/min
    As said above, if its a big machine with thing s like seperate wire unit, you may need more still.