Pulse help for Lincoln Invertec 350 pro

  1. Gunderson5 New Member

    Ok, So here is my issue. At my work we recently purchased 6 of these new Lincoln Electric Invertec 350pro Welders. In my opinion they are great machines! We are having some issues with the pulse feature on them. We have lots up uphand welding to do on stainless steel tanks, and would like to utilize this feature. The Lincoln rep. did give a couple guys a demo on the machines after we bought them, but I am not satisfied with the details given. Can anyone enlighten me as to the proper way to set these machines? I am a bit of a rookie with pulse mig welding, and would appreciate any help!
  2. Welderpaul

    Welderpaul Moderator Staff Member

    Have you contacted Lincoln? Surely having spent the money your company has, Lincoln will be more than willing to ensure that people know how to set them up correctly?
  3. Gunderson5 New Member

    We may have to get back in touch with them. I was just hoping to get some insight on it before resorting to that :confused: