Plasma cutting goggles

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    Hi guys I'm new here,

    Just had a quick question. Can anyone recommend me some goggles that I could use for plasma cutting? I wear glasses so I presume I'll need bigger than your average ones.

    I'm using my parweld at the moment but would prefer something a little lighter.

  2. Dark face sheild from any welding supplys.
  3. Drains

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    Just use gas welding gogs. Fit over your specs and everything (unless you've got huge Dennis Taylor jobbies). Also they're the right shade. Buy them at BOC or similar. They're just like eye protection goggles.

    Your parweld will be a little dark.

    Edit. Snowcat's advice is probably better.
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    would you happen to know exactly where I could get it? I've had a look at machine mart's site but can't find anything.

    Sorry for all the questions...
  5. BOCs any welding supplys, have a look in your local yellow pages should be no more than £10-£15
  6. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

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    You could get one from exactly BOC Tradequip, Carron Place, Leith. Or Build Centre Ironmongery, next to the Hibernian ground, Edinburgh.

    Or, if you don't want to drive all the way to Scotland, do as Snowcat says and look under Welding supplies or Engineers Supplies in the Yellow pages, or look for BOC in the Business pages, or tell us where you live and someone on the forum might live near you, and know.

    Or search on the internet.
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    I have been using slightly bright welding goggles, not the best, but I cant see my drawn lines using the Parweld mask...

    Heres a tip:
    Dont use a blue marker/engineers blue, to mark your work for cutting. The UV rays make it near impossible to see the line! I find black shows up best. I would like to tray a UV pen next, and see if it lights up clearly :)
  8. bump Electricity is great!

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    I always used yellow paint markers. Never really thought about a UV pen.
  9. Drains

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    French chalk, if it'll go on the steel your using. Always have that and a black marker handy. Or blue. But don't use an arc welding mask. Can't see a bleedin thing!

    Btw, you'll struggle to get arc eye off a plasma cutter. It's a bit bright mind and certainly leaves you seeing spots.

    If i'm following a guide I don't use eye protection, just keep my head the other side of the torch so 's I can't see the arc. Any straight lines, use a guide... much better cut. Same with regular curves too. Either a proper radius guide or anything to hand that is right (coffee mug, paint tin etc etc)
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    I thought you couldn't get arc eye of a plasma cutter but 2 trips to hospital in 1 night proved me wrong!!!
  11. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

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    What did they do? Pick the light rays out of your eye? I've never known anyone go to hospital with arc eye, just sit at home and suffer.

    I didn't say you couldn't, just that it wasn't easy!
  12. Hospital, dentists phh, couple of asprins and a bottle of wiskey the mans way!
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    I was cutting about 50' of 3mm plate so it's my own stupid fault. Proper burns on my eyes, 1st visit to hospital they just put some drops in. I woke up in the middle of the night after the drops wore off screaming! Got a lift back and they gave me the worlds most powefull pain killers- knocked me out for a day! Never felt a thing after those pills!
    If i ever get it again i'll just the gallon of lager cure which is much more fun!
  14. Alex Member

    plasma is still arc generated heat :)
  15. dan.taylor.1

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    It's not the heat that gives you arc eye it's the uv.

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    Dont think you will get many replies, the post is nearly seven years old
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    It's still worthwhile for new members who are seeking info on it though.
    Whether I'll ever gat back to playing is one thing .. getting info that could be useful before hand is advantageous to me .
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