Oxy Turbo welding

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    as I promised, heres the photos of the Oxy kit from Dodgeybay (before anyone asks).

    Its working very well, and I managed to weld 0.7mm sheet together no problem. The weld looks like Tig, and wont come apart :)
    Shown bellow is:

    Micro welding options

    First welding.. start the torch like a normal Oxy kit and bring in the Oxygen untill you have a good flame.
    Ensure your metal is clamped properly using welding clamps etc.. as this helps reduce the need for filler, which is costly and increases the time and gas use.




    Begin! this really is for micro welding. The pictrues do not do justice, as they do not show the actual flame being used, and just how this the metal here is.


    Im fairly pleased with the weld (see lower right of the metal) I chopped some more and did another. Here is the metal compared to a pencil. This is two sheets.


    Okay okay.. time for some mini cutting fun. My torch was sloppily setup here and the cut is not so neat, I know I can do better. But this is THIN sheet, so it can be tricky.


  2. MigTig

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    Micro Welding, for jewlery or VERY small parts welding, with a .70 needle on there (smallest I have)
    (Note: tiny flame!, look harder...)


    Again, the photo looks like a poorly setup flame, but its there, camera cant take the brightness. The welding flame is around 2.5-3mm long! :)

    All in all, not a bad kit for mini mobile work, I hope to play with the kit mor often in the future.

  3. what it cost you?
  4. weldequip Member

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    All smashing stuff MigTig but I'll bet you are already out of Oxy just playing about with it!:(
  5. MigTig

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    lol the kit has lasted a while now messing about, it uses VERY little gas with the smaller nozzles.

    Might upgrade to something that Weldequip sells oneday ;)

    Kits cost £100.
  6. Germanesian New Member

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    Oxy turbo set

    Hey your pictures look awesome, I'm looking forward to playing around with my oxy turbo torch as I just bought the same one as you. I'm pretty new to how it all works and bought my oxy turbo as a demo model that had gas and oxygen cylinders already attached. Since the store guys weren't sure how much was left in the cylinders, they gave me a discount. I've tried to test it out and got the gas valve working and produced a flame. However, opening the pressure reducer on the oxygen produced no effect in terms of achieving the right flame. So I'm a little puzzled. I don't know if it's because there is no oxygen left in the cylinder or another problem. How do you know when the cylinder is empty? I'd be grateful for any words of wisdom :) .
  7. madkayaker

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    try rattling the cylinder if you can hear the valve rattling its empty
  8. geek New Member

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    Pretty new to this forum but hope you guys don't mind giving me some advice...

    Thinking of getting a Oxy Turbo setup to do small welds with Piano wire, known as music wire in the US. From what i can gather its a hardened steel, high carbon, and its a nightmare to solder! Do you think it will work?
  9. pedrobedro

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    You might be better advised to braze it if you want to maintain the carbon content, what are you welding it to? I have a Portapak that I bought from BOC over 30 years ago :o It's always the oxygen that runs out first. I only seem to use it on seized bolts these days but it does come in handy at times.
  10. TIG Paul

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    Even brazing temperatures will destroy its mechanical properties.
  11. JohnnyChaos New Member

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    Hey guys. Sorry for bumping up such an old thread, but I was after some info on this kit.
    I was after something to do VERY occasional repairs. Mainly a car exhaust and old bicycles.
    I'd much rather have an oxy setup, but would this be enough for those kind of jobs?
    Thanks :)
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