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    Hi guys,

    New to this forum, but sure arn't new to welding! recently I went to Princess Auto and bought a cheep oxy acetylene cutting/welding unit. I have been borrowing gas from a friend for a while but am going to set up an account with a gas suppier, anyone know the prices for 40 cubic feet of oxy and acetylene? Or does someone have a chart on how the gas prices go up as the size of the tanks increase?

    Any help appreciated.
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    Here's a scan of the BOC prices.

    Where are you based? If there is an independent dealer near you (not BOC or Air Products) then you might find them cheaper.
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    I love to hate BOC.
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    Princess Auto's a Canadian company, I think.
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    There is company called GASCO who do not charge rental on cylinders, just a returnable deposit. They don't do specialist gases but OK for D/A, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon. They are a refrigeration company (hence the Nitrogen) and they are a national company, or so they tell me. I've just opened an account but not actually used them yet. Gas is a bit more expensive but that is offset by no rental. Anyone else use them?
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    They have a few branches dotted about the country. What are the prices like?
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    special offer

    Hey m8,

    I dunno about prices for the different sizes of oxy and acetylene, but I just got a leaflet through this week from Air Products offering a month free rental and a free welding handbook, on any gas including Acetylene but its only for new customers only (bit like that old Nationwide Ad!:laughing:). Guess you'd probably have to sign-up an account, but u'd save sum money and good thing is its on any gas...worth thinkin about.

    Leaflet says u call 0800 9878031, and quote 'EasyAcetylene' to get offer, maybe get sum prices n see if its good offer!

    Hope it helps

    *MOD EDIT*
    Scotch Bonnet works for Air Products.
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