Not getting any penetration

  1. wavestarved Member

    Telford England
    Hey all :fish:
    I'm using a Clarke 151en with .8 mild steel wire and Co2. I've been practicing on some pieces of scrap which is around 2mm thick (2.35 according to my calipers) Ive experimented with different power settings through from 1min through to 3min and wire speeds from 3 to 6 but despite what I do and how slowly I move I'm not getting any consistent penetration. I'm getting quite neat lines but all the weld is on top and nowt underneath except in the occasional blob. I've watched the tutorial vids and they don't seem to be moving the torch as slowly as I'm having to in order to get it to penetrate. Any ideas??
    I am having huge fun with this anyway but would like to start getting some good welds. Thanks for any help or suggestions. :fish:
  2. shenion

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    Stone Mountain, GA USA
    Things that effect penetration:

    1. Wire speed - faster = more heat
    2. Power setting (Voltage), higher is more
    3. Torch to work length, closer is more pen. (about 1cm is as close as you want to go.)
    4. Push or pull, push has higher pen.
    5. Torch angle, closer to vertical will have higher pen and a rounder pattern (too low will have teardrop-shaped weld pool.)

    Could be any of the above.
  3. wavestarved Member

    Telford England
    Thanks Scott
    seems like it's probably down to technique then (no surprise there :ashamed:). I'll try holding the torch closer to verticle tomorrow see how that goes. I deffinitely found that the higher wire speed was better so maybe wind that up a bit more too.
    Thanks again