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  1. rebel7777 New Member

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    Alberta Canada
    I recently was given a used CEM Dual Mig 120, I'm looking for a manual and were to get parts. Can anyone help me out?

  2. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

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    Sefton, South Island, NZ
    You don't need a manual- most basic migs operate similarly. Take a look at the forum tutorials for adjustment clues. For spares - torch bits will be generic too, and I can recommend Weldequip, whose link you'll find at the top of the page (he's quick and his prices are as good as any)
  3. scarecrow

    scarecrow Outstanding in his field

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    post a pick of it and we might be able to help a bit more
  4. rebel7777 New Member

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    Alberta Canada
    It needs a lot of work IMO, I will post pic's when I get a chance, after all it is Christmas ;)
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