murex 160 tradesmig

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    Yep. Standard connection so any Euro-Torch will fit. Do the machine some justice though & avoid the very cheapest versions ;)
  2. cheers :)

    well i just messed up my order with that torch, ordered the torch tips and shrouds but forgot the liner!! :( so ill have to phone weld equip and see what they can do for me
  3. weldequip Member

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    Thankyou. All in stock so will be sent out tomorrow for you. The torches are supplied ready to go with a liner already fitted, so you shouldn't be needing one for a while; if you want a spare order one up & I'll refund the extra postage straight back to your card ;)
  4. Thanks for the quick replies and service :)
    If it comes with a liner i wont be needing one for a long time :)
    Thankyou very much for your time
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