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    Hi there:waving:,

    I have a clark 130 en mig and want to buy a generator so I can use it in the field. The only thing is I don't know what type I should buy. I am intending to do mostly panel work and so thicker stuff. None of this will exceed 4 mm in thickness.

    I hope you can help


  2. shenion

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    I would say 5KVA as a minimum.
  3. can you fill me in on kva i thought generators were rated in amp or watts why not keep it simple?
  4. madkayaker

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    KVA is thoused volt amps. Devide VA by V to give power
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    Edinburgh need a hand over there??????
  6. Hello and Welcome to MIG Welding Forum!:waving:

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    Hey guys thanks a bunch for the info it really helped a lot. Runnach If I ever need help on the island your be the first to know.
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