Migatronic 166 Rally

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    Hi all

    I'm new to this forum so here goes.

    I've recently bought a Migatronic 166 Rally Welder it welds a treat with 0.8 wire in it and i'm happy with my purchase apart from 1 issue.

    When i weld on the highest setting it doesn't seem to take long before the temperature light comes on and the welder shuts down :(. There is no fan fitted in the welder I assume this is not a factory fit item on this size welder?

    This may be normal but I doubt it as it does the same on a lower power setting, is there anything obvious I could check initially?


  2. cumbriasteve

    cumbriasteve Moderator Staff Member

    What distance of weld does it do before the thermal cut out kicks in?

    The lower settings should do more distance than the highest setting but perhaps not a great amount.

    Retro fitting a fan is cheap and easy to do and can make a significant difference, any mods of course may affect the warranty.

    I have heard of simply aiming a normal household fan at the vents offering some extension of weld time prior to cut out.
  3. armalites Member

    How old is it?

    I have a Rally Mig 160 that is probably 13-14 years old and the duty cycle is really good.

    Mine does have a fan, I don't even recall it cutting out ever.

    I've been using it recently on stuff it wasn't really designed for, welding bits of RSJ for a log splitter with no issues at all.
  4. worcol07 New Member

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    Re migatronic light overheating

    Thanks for your reply,

    We've got a desk fan underneath it blowing up through grill under the big transformer block and its still overheating.

    Could someone post some photos of ones with a fan with a few details of wiring fixing etc.

  5. Wozzaaah

    Wozzaaah The wizard of woz Staff Member

    What sort of work are you doing with it and how long will it weld before cutting out?
  6. the snooper

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    I used a 166 in the 90s on some heavy chassis for a recovery truck as I remember IT did cut out when up full maybe after half an hour when first used but obviously quicker after the first cut out
  7. worcol07 New Member

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    Migatronic Rallly 166 Overheating

    Hi all

    The welder will go for five to ten minutes flat out initially and longer on the lower settings.

    Would retrofitting a fan be an option?

    Its a 1994 mode i think so the warranty is long gone, half tempted with a car fan underneath and tranformer to give it as twelve volt feed, that would give it plenty of draw.

    Opinions welcomed.
  8. Wozzaaah

    Wozzaaah The wizard of woz Staff Member

    In which case, welcome to the wonderful world of 'duty cycle'. ;)
    If you're having to run it that high for that long then it's too small for your needs, simple as that.
    Retrofitting a fan might help but you're risking doing permanent damage to it.
  9. worcol07 New Member

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    Nottingham U.K
    Yes the welder is probably a little smaller power wise than i'd anticipated.

    Looking at some other posts i think i may try a cooling fan off eBay £20 or so see what i can achieve.
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