Looking for a wiring diagram for an migatronic LTH130 inverter

  1. whitemars New Member

    Hi welders

    I recently got my hands on this older model migatronic stick welder for about 10usd because it was defective.
    I don't know where the defect is yet. That's why i came here.
    I looked for schematics online but without any luck, i found some of migatronics other welder manuals but thats no good.

    Pictures of the model here : https://imgur.com/a/Sqjmu

    The scratched bottom panel is also making it hard to get some real info out of it
    But It runs on 230v and the max on the front dial is 140 Amps
    Do any of you guys know/have this model or know where to find a manual, schematic or wiring diagram?

    Any hints or advise is welcome