Lincoln 161C - Kemppi Minarc Adaptive 150 - Portamig

  1. Kit Car Roy Member

    Surrey England
    Hi Chaps and Chapesses,

    I have been trawling this Forum for a month now and like what I see; :clapping: so here I am with a what to buy question; I hope in the longer term I can repay you all with useful replies but I'll only do that if I really know what I am talking about.

    I am familiar with using a few different machines of differing levels i.e. SIP 150 Turbo, Murex Tradesmig 245 (different league machine to say the least). I Sold the SIP and the 245 is my friends machine.

    I also bought a TIGMIG TIG machine to use to make a Stainless Exhaust Manifold and Stainless Roll Cage.

    Mig wins for me after using the TIG machine especially when tacking in tricky positions. I now want to buy a better quality MIG for my garage.

    At present my untested considerations are Lincoln 161c, Kemppi Minarc Adaptive 150 Mig or Portamig; in my view a fair chance that one of these will be better than the other; they are all in the same price range.

    I do not need much portability but the Kemppi is very portable.

    What is the best deal you can offer please Mr Weldquip for a Portamig (Price EXCLUDING VAT and Delivery) i.e. I collect and need a VAT receipt. Your comments regarding my choice of these welders would also be very welcome too please. Also how can I have a test drive of the Portamig? Can I come to you with bits of test meterial?


  2. zzr1200

    zzr1200 Working at 650 ft on open steel work

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    Lincoln 161C - Kemppi Minarc Adaptive 150 - Portamig

    All good quality machines,

    Lincoln/Kemppi = 2 Foreign Machines, spares and backup available but may take a while

    Portamig = British built Machine, you can phone the manufacturer, excellent backup and service, plus Weldequip also has first class service.
  3. RapidResponse Forum Supporter

    Portsmouth UK
    Whilst is is very encouraging to back British Products.
    We should not forget the number of British manufacturers of welding equipment that have fallen by the wayside. Butters, Camarc, Britweld, Portamig, Rowenarc, Rockweld, sterling the list goes on.
    Kemppi celibrate their 60th year this year. Lincoln Electric have been in business even longer. Spares availability by both of these companys is brilliant. Yes sometimes they are not in the UK. But from experience i can sometimes get spares quicker from the states than i can the UK.
    Just thought it was a point worth making to the guys who look to the forum before spending their hard earned cash. Good luck with whatever you choose. They will all do the Job.
  4. malcolm

    malcolm Bob the builder

    Bedford UK
    There's another way of looking at it. If we had all backed British products then perhaps our economy wouldn't be in the mess it is at the moment. Can I cite the Finnish and Americans as examples of countries who value their own manufacturers.

    The Oxford and Portamig brands are now in the safe hands of Technical Arc in York who have found a niche in making quality welders rather than trying to compete with the Chinese on price. I have some of their gear and it's fantastic.

    Lincoln and Kemppi have always remained in the same quality niche. Perhaps that's the reason they are still going. All quality suppliers will have good support - that's one of the things that makes them quality. So agreed - they are all good options.

    Edit> Sorry - I was whinging there. I like to do that sometimes. The Kemppi is inverter based. I think the other two are transformer based. Personally I'm more comfortable with transformer welders as they are easier and cheaper to fix 5 years down the line if they go wrong. But inverter based ones are a lot more portable and tend to have more features - so horses for courses.
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  5. Mikey D Forum Supporter

    whohhh :o , my kemppi minarc mig is made in finland . :whistle:
    get your facts straight before coming on this forum and mouthing off :scared:

  6. malcolm

    malcolm Bob the builder

    Bedford UK
    Quite right - I've removed that - some rubbish I found on the internet there. Kemppi are very high quality welders.
  7. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    Yes but would our manufacturers have stayed or gone to countries where the labour is cheaper and easier to manipulate ?
  8. weldequip Member

    In your case Pedrobedo they would have all fecked off to China!...because you want cheaper, cheaper, cheaper...and that's exactly what's happened!
    Yet you would be the very first person on Earth to moan if you had been laid off from a UK manufacturing plant - and have your hand out for unemployment benefit. Am I right?
  9. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    Have you ever been wrong ?
    I have a Finnish Kemppi minarcmig 180 bought from Rapid and a Stel tig from Italy. During my working life I was laid off from 3 UK plants and always managed to find employment again, never once claimed dole but was retired through ill health on a company pension and still pay income tax on that so still no benefits :rolleyes: I have my own shed and hobbies to keep me amused now and let the rest of the world get on with it without passing judgement. I would rather do anyone a favour than an inconvenience and as long as you don't come for money you are welcome.
    One more thing, the next to last foundry I worked in when I was in the steel industry was bought out as a profit making concern by British Steel and closed down because it was in competition with them with no offer of alternative jobs, what incentive does that give you to support them ? Their steel sold to Kanematsu Gosho Japan (now American based)and Stavanger Norway plus Germany and a little local firm Rolls Royce. Form your impressions all you wish but don't judge me.
  10. Kit Car Roy Member

    Surrey England
    Steady on Malcolm; I'm trying to buy a couple of welders not solve the state of the UK. :whistle: Should me buying a couple of Kemppi's or Lincoln welders impact upon the state of the UK, we're all doomed already. It is not my fault that the majority of welder manuafactures with decent support and sensible pricing happen to be foriegn and my little purchase will not fix the UK finances.

    I have not purchased yet and I am in fact looking for 2 MIG welders one for garage/home use and occasional site work and another for business site work. My research experience so far is as follows:

    I communicated by email to all potential suppliers in the first instance, one suggested I phone, so I did and got all and more information that I could have asked for; I called several times about different issues and each time a great a friendly response.

    I called Lincoln direct because I had a techy query and thought I'd see how they responded in the process; I was put directly through to their service department and the chap I spoke to was great and gave me all I needed plus a bit, he was also megga friendly too.

    I still await replies from others, one of which replied in the first instance without answering all my questions and I still await a full reply, simple question, i.e. how do I get a test run of the welder.

    I have a test session with Rapid shortly (Kemppi and Lincoln) and at this stage they need to try hard not to get at least the first order before Xmas.

    When I have made purchases, I'll update the forum with what Welder, Model , why and purchased from whom.

    Thank you all for your replies, I have enjoyed the reading. :fighting: