King size bed

  1. KennyA Member

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    Any one ever made a bed?

    The one I have is 4 metal posts with wood up sided. Was having a look how to make it better as its not very strong.

  2. cumbriasteve

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    The old method was angle irons as main support, about 50mm x 50mm x 2mm, it was however hardened in some way...same as a spring is, otherwise it would have bent.

    Anything that spans 2 metres would need to support weight over that span so I should think you are looking at 40mm box at least, or perhaps 30mm box with flat bar tacked the full length edge on.. on the lower surface to strengthen it, the alternative is an extra leg in the middle of the span.

    I made a couple of beds many years ago with ornate headboards and some brass finials off old gas fires etc, they sold like hot cakes for a very good price, then the imports started coming in at prices I could not even buy the steel for..they were rubbish but looked people bought.
  3. Hitch

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    I made ours when i moved out of home, its over 10years old, and still okay.

    Side runners were initialy angle, but they did bend, i now have a folded section, its a bit over the top now. Centre runner is t-section, with a centre support leg.

    Slats, i used sortwood bearers, with board on top, to create like a divan base. If you go this route, the boards need ventilation to allow the matress to breathe.
  4. rtbcomp

    rtbcomp Moderator Staff Member

    Could have been cast iron, I recall the phrase "cast iron bedstead" from my youth :laughing:
  5. Tamcox

    Tamcox Tam

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    I would love to see some picture of them, As I have often thought about trying to make a one.
  6. Hitch

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    The design idea for ours came from here.

    Same basicdesign, but the legs are a bit chunkier on ours. It was made from offcuts from work i was allowed to have, so didnt complain.
  7. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    I've repaired a bed which belongs to my niece a couple of times now. The metal tubing is paper thin and it tears where it is tacked together. Anything you use will be better than this piece of rubbish which cost hundreds of pounds. A furniture shop near us was selling sprung bed base slats, I bought some for under the trailer tent mattress as it gets condensation being flat down on boards with no ventilation.
  8. johnny max Member

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    I made mine and it,s going on 10 yrs also
    Used 50x50x5 angle for matress support, 60 mm tubing and rolled 30mm tube for for headboard and footboard, slats 4"x1" pine 2"gap between
    Don,t do wat a mate did and go make a bed and then can,t get a matress to fit:whistle::whistle:. Measure the matress 1st make your bed to suit.
  9. knoba

    knoba ...break a leg!

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    Are you going to remake the bed from scratch or utilise parts of the existing design?

    If you put up some pics of your original bed (clean one's please... :o) I'm sure there will be plenty more ideas and suggestions from everyone... :laughing:

    I've made all my own beds (and other furniture) for the past 20 years, but I prefer wood, for beds, because its warmer to the touch and has (imo) better characteristics for "the job" than metal. My first hand-made bed had sections trimmed with full grain hide (leather) and this might be a good idea if you want to add some contrast & warmth (covering bare metal surfaces), to any areas, that the body comes into contact with. Leather's also quite aesthetically appealing... :whistle:

    It's surprising the amount of stress, and movements, a bed has to take. I prefer futon styles and this can cut-down on the; stresses, construction, costs & materials used. Futons also allow one to use the floor too, if the bed... gets... too... small... :ashamed:

    I'll get my coat....
  10. cumbriasteve

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    Perhaps you should rename them 'funons'...getting my coat too!
  11. cumbriasteve

    cumbriasteve Moderator Staff Member

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    No was deffo some form of tempered steel, although the ends were cast iron as you 'well' remember :whistle:

    When they went out of fashion they were put in the auction house and never sold, the guy used to keep me the lengths of angle for 20p each and i made box trailer frames out of them and they were perfect for the job 6' x 4' frames but you had to lap them and not butt weld so you got plenty of weld faces or it would crack.. I know of one thats still in use after 28 years.

    They used to eat hacksaw blades ( before the days of cutters)
  12. KennyA Member

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    Meant 4 wooden posts with metal sides.

    Here are a couple of pictures.

    I've had a few ideas, Something maybe with box section up the sides with flat bar over lapping it halfway which would allow the bed slats to sit on. Will have to draw up a few ideas (or if anyone has any?) as its hard to explain. I could possible use head board off my bed just now.

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