Kemppi Minarcmig 180

  1. mini nige

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    hi i looking out for a good portable mig as i have a unit on a farm now were i still do a lot of work on minis, and also making gates ect i need to be able to bring it back home with me my autolynx is a bit heavy to lug around,
    ive heard good reports about the minarc-180 and it would be ideal for me has any one used one of these machines cheers nige.
  2. weldequip Member

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    Not personally used one but Kemppi is quality kit & you can be assured of good performance. Another alternative would be the Lincoln SP170. Not as lightweight as the Kemppi as it's conventional transformer design & not Inverter based, but for long term reliability I would go with the Lincoln.
  3. mini nige

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    hi what sort of price am ilooking at for a lincoln sp170 mate nige.
  4. weldequip Member

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    Around £550-£600 I think (don't deal in em so that's an educated guess). They don't have all the fancy features of the Kemppi & they are a heavy little sod in comparison, but they are pretty much bullet proof.
  5. mini nige

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    ok thanks for that nige.
  6. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

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    Used the miniarc mig 150, runs nice from a 13amp plug. The entire machine is barely bigger than the roll of wire. Smooth machine, as youd expect from Kemppi.
    I believe the 180 has digidisplay, all you need to do is tell it what thickness your welding and thats it.

    Or are you talking the miniarc mma/tig?
  7. mini nige

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    yes thats the one minarc mig 180 looks a great compact and light bit of kit, only weighs 9.8kg 20-180 Amp range so should be ok for the minis and the gates 3-4m max steel dont u think nige.
  8. Weldingartisan Aiming for retirement

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    Hi nige,
    I've had a Kemppi 180 mig for a while now and tested it against the Lincoln before purchase. No comparison, the Lincoln is probably bullet proof but about 20 year old technology. The Kemppi digital panel and 'intelligent' settings are very good but the power from a 13amp plug top is amazing and I've not yet blown a fuse. Downside - a bit fiddly to reverse polarity for flux cored wire and changing liner owing to ultra compact design. I've been told the access panel will not shut with some types of 5kg wire reels - not had that problem myself. It will run off a 50metre extension no problem. You should get the Lincoln for under £400, I paid about £600 for the Kemppi. W/A
  9. liam-h New Member

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    Where on earth

    Hello- first post here and it seems this thread might be dead, on the off chance it isn't... Where on earth did you get the Kemppi Minarcmig 180 for £600?! I can't find lower than 800...
  10. Robotstar5

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    That's probably 4 years inflation for you :whistle: welcome to the forum :waving:
  11. gordon stephenson

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    Skelton in Cleveland U.K.
    I,v got both the Lincoln and the Kemppi minarc 180, I really like them both, For ease of use and portability probably The 180 wins, but for thin sheet metal the Lincoln will weld continuously (not spot spot spot) on 0.6mm. My Lincoln is the T170-T "big Boy" meaning it will take a 15Kg reel of wire which makes it quite a bit heavier to lug around, the normal 170 takes 5Kg reel
  12. anto Forum Supporter

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    Sorry for the thread resurrection but i thought it better than starting a similar thread.

    Anyone owned a Minarc 180 for a few years and can vouch for its reliabilty over the period. If im forking out £800+ i want to know that this machine will do the job for years to come?

  13. wyn

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    I've had mine for around three years and have put about 12 rolls of wire through it (60 kg).
    I've had no problems at all with it apart from when i loosened off the gas fitting to swap it for something different...but that was my fault :ashamed:

    In the time i've had it i've only changed the tips a couple of times and they probably didn't need doing....the shroud i've changed once.

    I've used it for aluminium once and it was easy to set up.
  14. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    I've had mine a couple of years and it's not had a hard life but it's not given any problems.
  15. Hitch

    Hitch Moderator Staff Member

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    Generally the one we have at work is brilliant, but the gas pipe breaks every now and then. 5 min job to fix, just reconnect and clip the pipe.
    I'm sure its just due to the rough handling it gets.
  16. Had mine about 3 years too , No issues at all , only run about 20kgs thru her tho .

    cheers Mike
  17. Ditto to the above, No issues in the few years Iv had it.
  18. dhutch Student Bashers

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    I ended up buying a ESAB caddy 160i, only used it occasionally but to date it has only been a success.

  19. anto Forum Supporter

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    Thanks lads it sounds like most owners are very happy with it.
    Im a hobby user so it wont get the constant use and abuse it might in a fab shop so it should last me well.

  20. Mike_H Member

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    Mate of mine has had loads of trouble with his 180 - less than a year old but spent more time being fixed than working. He's a pro - builds roll cages & classic car work. Says it's great when it works, but...

    Maybe he's just been unlucky, given the above views.
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