Kempi 2300 MLS acdc acx/similar

  1. nalle New Member

    Ive been looking at the kemppi 2300 MLS acdc, acx. Which alternatives should I consider? Fronius and your "forum favourite" lorch? As I cannot find online pricing for anyone of them exept Kemppi, does any one of you know if they are more or less than the kemppi? how do they compare othervise (mix-tig, pulse, microtack etc)
    Does anyone know if any of the considered are going to be "end of life" soon? I dont really know the lifecycle of theese things, but dont want to spend close to 2000£ on some machine EOLed 1 month later...

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    hi nalle welcome to the forum
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  3. Shox Dr

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    Hi Nalle. First question is do you really need the ACX panel, there is a panel below (ACS) that one that does have pretty much what the AVC does but you have to go through menus to get to the function. I have the ACS version and it does everything.

    Oh and you will save about £700-1000, plenty left over for a Foot pedal if needed
  4. zst Member

    We had the same dillema and finally bought Kemppi MLS 2300/ACX... Fronius Magic Wave 220 was too expensive, Lorch t220 is not covered with back up and support in our country... and price of kemppi 2300 was pretty nice...
    Lorch t220 has MIX TIG, but is called MAC.
    Microtack is Kemppi exclusive, others have Spot mode but it is not the same as microtack.
    All of them have pulse mode...
    I searched through the net and found that MLS 2300 has built-in all possible features existing in TIG welding today except two (variable EP and EN polarity and "rounded" (advanced) squarewave AC current). Those two seem to be exclusivity of some stronger Miller machines.
    But advanced AC squarewave is reffered to give advantage only in less noise in AC welding, and "variable EP and EN polarity" might be equivalent to Kemppi's "MIX TIG"...
    In UK and this forum too, there is a extra nice guy called Matt working for Lorch, he is willing to help, contact him about all you need for Lorch t220...
    As for Kemppi MLS 2300 ACX you would be happy.
  5. Ragnarok

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    I got the ESAB 2200i AC/DC TA34, i love it, great machine! it's a little cheaper than the others competitors too :) cost about £2000 that includes a really nice torch and mma package, I think the TA34 pannel is worth it, it's the equivalent of the kemppi ACX (pulse ac balance and frequency and all that) I think the ESAB is slightly slicker in layout than the others, just generally very very very happy with it :) it's defiantly one to look at! good luck finding the machine for you!