how much power does a 200amp welder use

  1. hello all! just wondering, how much power a 200amp inverter consumes if ran constantly for an hour at full power and at say 100amps? i'm now good with electric so if someone could tell me in terms of say 'it uses as much as two t.v sets' lol, i know how silly that sounds! :laughing: any info would be great thanks!
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    look at the spec plate on the welder.look for input current in amps or how many killowatt
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    I would say 1.5 to 2.5 kw with stop start my electric cost 14pp kw, but you should have have change out of a £1 per hour.
    Thanks Vpug

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    As Brightspark said - look at the specs for the welder and see what the input current and/or power are. If you multiply the maximum input current by 230V, you'll get the maximum power consumption (ignoring power factors and complicating things like that).

    I'd guess a 200A inverter would draw around 20A from the supply at full whack, so that's 4.6kW. For comparison, a kettle draws about 2kW - so it's roughly equivalent to having two kettles on, if that's the sort of thing you're after?

    Of course, you're unlikely to be running a welder at 200A continuously for any length of time, so you have to take that into account. I'd guess the average welding current (across mig, arc and tig) is less than half that. So say a bit less than one kettle. And most people aren't welding for 5 minutes without stopping very often, whereas a kettle is drawing all the time it's boiling. So average use is going to be more like a half a kettle... :)
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    Just don't get them confused and try to fill the inverter with water for a cuppa! :laughing:
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    flat out it will use more then 3 kwh

    a 150 amp welder up full will blow a 13 amp fuse after a while and a 13 amp socket is rated at around 3kw
  7. Thanks, that's exactly the kind of answer I was looking for! Very helpfull thank you!


  8. Lol! :laughing:
  9. keith19 Forum Supporter

    "how much power a 200amp inverter consumes if ran constantly for an hour at full power and at say 100amps?"

    The Op wants to know how much at 100 Amps, not full whack. You could easily run most transformer welders at 100 Amps from a 13 Amp domestic socket without any problems, and an inverter will pull even less.

    As said, you won't be welding continuously anyway, unless you're on a moving production line. So the question is pretty hypothetical, as you can only weld for so long before stopping. About only 30% is actual welding time, even if you have everything set up ready and are cracking on, in a domestic setting.

    At full whack a 200 Amp inverter will pull about 18 - 19 Amps.
    At half power that will be 9 - 9.5 Amps. 230v x 9.5 = 2185w, or 2.185kw.
    But at 30% of an hour that is 18 minutes.
    So that is about equivalent to running a 2000w kettle for 18 minutes in every hour, or an old 2-bar electric fire, if you remember them.

    For full power you are running two of these kettles or fires for the whole hour, plus something like a small food mixer.

    (Think I've got the maths right, but it is getting late....:whistle:)
  10. the snooper

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    the op's question is a little cloudy

    at full power

    say 100amps

    full power is 200 amps
    the easiest thing to do is look at the specs in the manual work out the wattage and divide by 1000 that will give units used per hour multiply that by pence per unit shown on you electricity bill and away you go you have the cost per hour
  11. Thanks for your answers, very interesting & it should be easy for me to work out now! Off the top of my head it sounds cheaper than I thought. Thanks again everyone, the forum helps out again!


  12. the snooper

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    lets say it draws 4500 watts per hour full whack and your elecrticity is 20 pence per unit
    then it would cost 90 pence per hour running solid up full which you wont do and i doubt you electricity is 20 p per unit but its worth looking at you bill if you want to be more accurate
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