How good is JB weld?

  1. MG David Member

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    In PPC magazine they filled corrosion on the face of an alloy head with JB weld and then gave it a light skim. Apparently it worked.

    I have some bevel gears from a diff. They have heavy scoring in the hole through the middle where they turn on a shaft which is also damaged. The shaft is cheap to replace but the gears are a bit expensive to get past SHMBO.

    So I would like to fill the scoring in the bore with JB weld and then ream or hone it out to size. Would this work or would I just be wasting my time?

    At the narrow end of the gear there is very little spare metal so I am not sure about over boring the hole and fitting a bush. If I did that would bronze be the thing to use?
  2. shenion

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    I would not use JB Weld on a bearing surface.

    It is great stuff but can be brittle and bits flake off.

    I'd look at filling the scoring with brazing then hone to size.
  3. brightspark

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    a bronze bush would be fine if u have the wall thickness to play with / and the gear wheel wasnt to hard to bore out :laughing: i wouldnt braze it as u would need to heat it up to a cherry red for the rod to flow and would probably knack the gear wheel :(if u made the bush it would only need about 50 though boring out of the gear wheel turn the bush outer diameter to suit gear wheel then make inner bore slightly under size . press in the bush then ream it out
  4. MG David Member

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    Brightspark, how many thou interference between the bush and the increased bore of the gear wheel?
  5. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    either a good press fit or slightly loose and locktite in place. only a good heat will loosen locktite :laughing:
  6. Pete.

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    JB Weld won't be any good for your application. Could you not bore them out and fit needle roller bearings?
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