home made scrap cable stripper

  1. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    heres a few pictures of a home made cable stripper i constructed .the wheels on it at the moment are for cable crushing flat twin and earth but can be changed to a slitting disk and guide as well for cutting up armoured cable
    • 003.jpg
    • 004.jpg
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  2. Robotstar5

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    How does it get on with XLPE? I find it a pig to remove the conductor sheath with a blade - seems to be stuck to the conductor.
  3. madkayaker

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    Intresting machine might make one my self will improve the weigh in value
  4. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    it will slice down xlpe no probs :laughing:the cutting wheel is 2 .1/2 inch hardened steel. with a larger set of rollers put on shaft it will slice down up to 3inch diameter armoured at a good rate of knots :laughing:spindle speed is 80 rpm the motors 1 .1/2 hp the only thing it needs is a safety kill button on the table as it doesnt stop if owt gets jammed :(
  5. philpullan Member

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    how does it work ? it it simply crushed which splits the sheathing or is there a cutting blade i cant see ?

  6. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    the pressure applied between the rollers is that great the cable cores split through the inner and outer sheath of cable .the cores get quite hot on the way out .ive made a slittingwheel and guide in picture for slicing down thicker and armoured cable interchangeable on the shaft. just one nut on shaft to undo and the a frame bearing with wingnuts and wheels can be changed
  7. madkayaker

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    Any chance of some plans
  8. 109party Member

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    id be interested in plans aswell if possible.
  9. Durara New Member

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    that sounds scary.:o
    whatever, you've done a good job, and hope you can improve your machine very soon.
  10. trommel New Member

    Your top crushing roller appears to be mounted in a roller bearing, but the slitting roller (not the serrated slot roller) in the bottom photo does not. Do you run this slitting roller without a roller bearing?
  11. brightspark

    brightspark Member

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    yarm teeside
    :laughing:the pin through the top roller bearing is hardened steel it allso has a drilling through it and a grease nipple on the end for when using the slitting disc . but isnt neccecary when using the roller bearing . as u said no roller bearing used on slitting disk
  12. trommel New Member

  13. Hi Brightspark. I showed this machine of yours to my neighbour(i hope you dont mind)He's interested
    in making one,Infact his exact words were on the line of-
    'the mans a genius' lol
    Do you have any plans for this?
  14. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    i havent any plans it was made up as i went along with a bit of trial and error and a few hedaches to overcome a few problems . the only thing i would have changed on it is the final drive would have ben better through a 40 to one reduction gearbox direct to the crusing rollers as the final drive countershaft pulley has a lot of force on the belts and is on its limit for slipping if full crushing force is applied .il strip some of it down showing photos of the parts at the wekend and post them on here;)
  15. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    Those photos are taking some developing:whistle::laughing:
  16. DrNik

    DrNik Heath Robinsons long lost son

    Lol. Quite a while, the mans busy, give him chance
  17. wheresmejumper

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    Well he didnt say what weekend!
  18. DrNik

    DrNik Heath Robinsons long lost son

    Ah no it's wekend not weekend, I don't believe whe have had one of those yet......
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  19. brokenbiker Spark that makes sparks

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    not due a wekend for another 3-4 years I think...:)
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  20. A hell of a lot better than me and my utility knife, vice and a pair of pliers.

    Top stuff.:clapping:
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