Hinges for large steel doors

  1. d1ng27 Member

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    Not sure if this is in the right place but.. :dontknow:
    I'm in the middle of rebuilding my garage, and planning to have 2 swing out metal doors both measuring 2.3 metres high and 1.8 wide. The door frames are already knocked up using 50x50x3mm angle and 25x25 box section, and plan to weld 2-3mm sheet on to them. I'm thinking about bolting 50x50x3-mm angle/box section to the block pillars and welding some sort or hinges to hold it all together (hopefully) lol.
    What hinges do you chaps recommend? Been looking at some grade 13 butt hinges which they reckon are good for 125kg each hinge, but only ones I can find are wood with screw holes in them.

    Anyone recommend anything that's up to the job?
  2. cumbriasteve

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    I have used this style before and once welded in place are as good as most, usually though I would just make my own out of heavy flat bar, tube and round bar.

  3. Woody.v8

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    Eye bolts ? You get some adjustment then.