going rate for car welding re mot failure

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    hello all recently put my car 1990 ford xr3i in for pre mot test, it requires some patches on the sills, possible plate around fuse box area,

    trying to find costs of how much it to have this work done re welding it seems not many people do this work if so very expensive??

    i have no facilities garage/ drive to get my car offroad, i have done some modest mig welding about eight years back, but mainly with 14gauge new material and a proper workshop mig welder.

    in local halfords they sell mig welders with small gas bottles etc, or i believe (gasless ) types exist but have no real idea if these would be any use for modest repair of sills etc.

    considering welding thin gauge metal is not my forte.

    my car due to cost has now been crushed.

    on reflection i think i might have been hasty, not sure if mig welders can be hired ??? cheapo from halfords and attemted to do some minor (patching myself)

    thank you
  2. Lippyp Member

    There are plenty of garages and even welders around that will do automotive repairs like this. The cost will be dependant on what needs doing, how complex it is, how much needs to be stripped out to get access etc. I spent £300 having my trooper welded last year as I didn't feel competant to do the rerpairs to MoT standard then and this included patching both sills, a couple of patches to the floor and rebuilding a front body crossmember. This year I did all the chassis repairs it needed myself and it sailed through so it cost me the cost of the steel and gas and wire. I am also fitting new sills and sorting out some related rust on my 1967 Chevy pickup.

    As to whether its worth paying to have a car repaired only you can make that decision, depends what investment you have in it etc.
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    Well, i learned how to weld when i was 12, because my dad was an engineer ( ie a proper engineer, he used to hand build prototype engines, including drawing, casting and machining the blocks and heads), and when i started takign cars for MOT 30 years ago i was appalled by what garages charged for welding, as he already was.

    The point is, garages know they have got the average punter by the balls, once they sling in a bit of welding into the work required. At that point, the average punter, who MIGHT have considered doing the work on the car himself, then thinks' oh, i cant weld' and caves in, and the garage makes a packet.

    I was determined never to let a garage have me like that, so i learned to weld using oxy acetylene ( in fact i learned mainly laying on my back under cars, welding on the bottom face of objects. Took me years to learn to weld right way up looking down on the top :D )

    Once the local garage worked out they werent going to get me with welding, they stopped failing cars on it.

    Personally, i think that its totally wrong that garages that do repairs also can do MOT testing, because they have a vested self interest in failing cars to generate income. The best place to take cars for MOT's is to the few council run MOT places, who test and repair only the council vehicles, for example, theres one at Doncaster. they will test private cars, but dont do repairs. You get a fair MOT at places like that.

    Anyhoo, for years i had a 6 cwt bedford van with two gas bottles and a sheet steel bender in the back, and went round welding cars on peoples driveways, at half the price the garages were charging. I made a very nice living out of it in my 20's. I was always turning work away, after all, it was more convenient than the garage, cheaper, and i always g'teed my world would pass the retest.

    Ah those were the days...........lager was only 25p a pint then......
  4. boombang

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    I've seen MOT "welders" welding, and if I knew a car was sound would take it to a government MOT test centre.

    If not I'd happily do it myself on the basis that my welding might not be great, but it's better than I have seen from "professionals" and near enough free.

    BTW a Clarke pro 90 is fine for car bodywork, don't need anymore and certainly no less!
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    Excellent and interesting post BB&Q.

  6. novaweld Member

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    Back in the late 90's most of the garages around here were charging around £25 per 6 sqaure inches of patch. A full sill was around £40 plus the panel. Even the cheaper garages I know of now charge £30/hour labour. I used to do loads of mk4 escorts back then, so I can tell you that the area the fuse box sits on is definately going to need plating (was one of the most common spots on a mk4), and the boot floors and rear chassis legs have a habit of crumbling to dust rather rapidly aswell.
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    I used to do a few MOT repairs & I tended to just look at the job guestimate how long it would take look at the person & guestimate what price they would flinch at & charge the most I could. Smaller jobs cost more per inch than big jobs. Always inspect the edges of sills etc as that can double the work needed.

  8. gford New Member

    MOT Welding

    I have worked in a garage since the eighties and spent most of that welding cars that failed MOT's. Early on this year i was made redundant so decided to start my own welding service. Started off mobile and now got premises and agree that the quality of welding even for MOT is terrible and the far too high. I have found that you can do a really good job for half the price these guys want to charge and ended up doing classic car restoration as well, inc 1950's camper van, Series 2 Landrover and Mk2 escort. Don't be put off by some idiots charging the earth, find someone is willing to help and work with you. To many cars are being scrapped that could be saved.
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    i think anything over 30 pounds an hour is an absolute rip off for anyone to pay . yes they is a north south divide regarding standard of living but come on its not that huge . I've spent most of my adult life welding up vehicles for mot and now i only charge 20 pounds per hour . its still 160 pounds per day for 8 hours work . yes there's ware and tear but it doesn't cost the earth . some garages charge so much because they don't want the job because they don't know how to competently . buy a good second hand mig that takes gas and learn you will love it especially when your saving your self money .
  10. Weldingartisan Aiming for retirement

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    So £30 per hour is expensive? OK go and rent a unit, insure it (and public liability) pay the rates, open a BOC account ( not exchange at your mates) purchase or lease plant and equipment. pay for your consumables (not 'borrow' them from work), employ a reliable tradesman (if you are lucky) and don't forget to allow for his holidays, pension, sick pay, paternity/maternity leave and training, keep up with all current legislation and regulations, allow for non-payment (no, you won't have room to store vehicles for people who can't afford/won't pay - then tell me it's expensive!
    Believe me, until you've tried it you havn't got a clue. W/A
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    well i manage bud and i rent my bottle my self true i don't have rent to pay and im only a one man band , i don't even charge £30 p hour . if your employing some one and have a large premises to pay business rates on that's not the customer's fault . you cant tell me you cant make a profit out of £30 pounds an hour . the agricultural engineer i used to work for only charges £20 ph and he employs 3 people . haven't a clue lol
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    You rent your bottle singular ( I have and need for various processes seven cylinders on rental), don't employ anyone and don't pay rent. What is the comparison here? I am not advocating that anybody should pay more than they have to, just your condemnation that any business charging £30 per hour is ripping everybody off. W/A
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    wells a garage at kirkbride in cumbria only charges £20.00 per hour for any labour . im sure they will be price variations according to where garage's are example in prime locations in cities etc . but they are a lot of garage's do rip customers off when it comes to mot repairs . im not saying you do , but you must agree they is a lot .
  14. Weldingartisan Aiming for retirement

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    I agree with you completely that not only garages but a lot of busineses generally rip people off, but that doesn't relate to the cost of running a legitamate business - incidently I don't own/run a garage but an engineering business with a building services background. There are local car main dealers who charge in excess of £120.00 per hour, now I do find it difficult to justify that! I can only assume that the cost of living is much cheaper in Kirkbride than it is in the South-east. W/A
  15. R BEADLE Member

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    yes for sure its a lot cheaper up here for garages . its the 120 per hour garages that the post refers to i think . not engineering business as your self . engineering fab shops are a totally different thing all together and have very expensive equipment to pay for . also i don't think the average mechanic will be paid the same wage as a fabricator .
  16. Yes I agree, a lot of people don't appreciate the overheads involved. Our small business has rates of £600 per month, and insurance much the same. So the first £60 we earn each day just goes to cover those two, plus all the other costs you mention.
  17. the snooper

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    over heads are expensive and £600 rates / month have you applied for small business rate reduction it is available.

    i think the garages that can afford to charge very low rates maybe own the building or rent it very cheaply.

    and a lot of places charge a little more to ensure they can pay their way when work is slack you do need reserves otherwise you sink especially when a recession hits that shows the strength of any business
  18. Litemoth pre-moderated

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    I agree totally with the passage above. Most of the paying public have no idea what the overheads involved are. ...We get lawnmowers in sometimes, the customer asks for a price for repair which can be a few hours work plus parts...bringing the repair cost to the same as (if not more than) a new one.

    At this point the customer duly declares " I'm not paying that...I could buy a new one for that" ... as if we are trying to rip them off and that the cost should be a set proportion of the value of the thing that's being repaired.

    It's for this reason that less and less cars will be repaired as time goes on. They last longer and their value can't justify the outlay on repairs (the cost of which will continue to rise)
  19. the snooper

    the snooper getting older by the day

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    litemoth i agree the cost of repairing cars will keep increasing a very good example springs to mind for the mk 3 mondeo the thermostat to control coolant flow through the radiator in most cars was of the wax capsule type typically costing no more then a tenner.
    then along came the mk3 mondeo with the thermostat not only on the bottom hose but costing £100.00 and fail due to 2 little plastic lugs snapping off and that is without labour.
  20. That is with the reduction!
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