Generator size for 240v 180a MIG welder?

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    Hi all, im new to this website and posting thread lark so please bear with me!! Im after some advice on the size of generator i will need to power my 180a 240v Butters MIG Welder as i am due to sub myself out to a friend of mine who has as much work as i can handle but its mostly on site work. I will be plating 40ft trailer chassis and welding upto around 8mm mild steel so the welder will need to be run on full power. Any idea's on size needed and where to look for a decent secondhand one would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    8mm on a 180A mig? That's a bit optimistic to say the least! Miller calculator says at least 200 amps for that thickness.
    The fact that you know it needs to be run on full power tells you your machine isn't up to it, to get a good enough duty cycle you're looking at a mahoosive machine and an even more mahoosive genny!
    An inverter stick welder might be more suitable. ;)
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    i would think you will be looking at 11kva at the very least maybe bigger to cope with the inrush when you first start welding
    ive tried a 5kva with 160 mig and the results were very poor on 5mm well poor is an under statement however an arc welder on 140 amp did cope a little better.
    i think you would be better off to buy a geny welder
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    I realise 8mm with a 180a is a bit optamistic as you say, i do however have the chace of borrowing a Cebora 215 to get the job done with the chance of buying it once i have the cash from my jobs. I didnt actually realise though the kind of power i would need to power it through a genny, i have just seen an 11 KVA genny on Ebay and i weighed 1.5t. Plus for the price of them i would be better of buying a welder genny as you reccommend. I will have to do some shopping around before i commit to the work. Cheers for the guidence.
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