Gas in Notts/Derby area

  1. fuff66uk

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    I may be wanting too much here but do any gas suppliers in the Notts/Derbys area do rent free with no deposit on argon/co2 mix please?
  2. Glenn1968 Member

    East Midland Welding in Nottingham can do Air Liquide Albee cylinders - available in Ar/CO2 mix
  3. fuff66uk

    fuff66uk Member

    Thanks Glenn:D
  4. TEZB Member

    Have you got fixed up yet, I see you are from Mansfield and there is someone in the area that sell's rent free gas, I will find the number out if you want it.
  5. fuff66uk

    fuff66uk Member

    No i'm still looking for a decent deal Tez,thanks bud that would be good
  6. TEZB Member

    Found the number, Weldgas UK 08000778793, if I remember right you pay a one off for the bottle £50, then £30 for a refill, you get the £50 back if you return the bottle. They are based in Mansfield so local to you, hope this helps
  7. fuff66uk

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    Thanks Tez,you are a star,i'll give them a ring in the morning
  8. fuff66uk

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    I emailed Weldgas uk and had the reply below,decent prices but the price for the bottle deposit return seems a bit low to me,if i'm paying £50 deposit then that's the amount i want back when i return the bottle

    Hi Alan

    Price for 10 litre 200 bar Argon/Co2 (7% Co2, 2.5% O2 and 90% Ar)

    £35 gas/refill

    £50 deposit (£45 refundable for up to 2 years, £22.50 if kept above 2 years)

    If you want to purchase a bottle outright they are £100


    Paul Elliott

    Weldgas UK Limited
  9. fuff66uk

    fuff66uk Member

    Just had another email from Paul at Weldgas and every time you take a cylinder back for refill your 2 years starts again,so that's not too bad at all
  10. think this is the man i use gd chap always help me out when poss and i live the other side of derby so he not even local to me but well worth the trip? only fills upto 150bar but its been a few months since ive had a new bottle.
  11. fuff66uk

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    I can't really see me finding a better priced deal than Weldgas to be honest
  12. fuff66uk

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    What sort of price can i expect to pay to rent a bottle of argon/co2 ?