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  1. Gizmo.Y Member

    Just thought i would share this on here.

    Recently got a bad bottle of Argon from BOC,, after a quick facebook rant i was given a recommendation to Gas Direct.

    Called them up, Rep came out next day and did me a blinder of a deal.

    "Large" Argon for the TIG(Equal to a Size W) £20+ vat a refill, £4.50+ vat monthly Bottle Rent
    "Small" Argon5 for the MIG (10L) £10+ vat a Refill, £3.50+ vat a month bottle rental

    £10 Delivery Charge (As little or as many bottles per order)

    In all...£56 Inc VAT.

    Seeing as BOC Just put my Refill up to £54 for a SINGLE size Y, and i have to do a 50 mile round trip to collect it (They want £55+ Vat to deliver...) I think thats a bloody good deal.

    Based in Newark
  2. Paul.

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    Northampton. UK
    I've just changed over to them as well they are very active round here, that other lot are going to have to take a hard look at their pricing structure I reckon.
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  3. Gizmo.Y Member

    My Thoughts exactly. I also found their recent change in invoicing VERY confusing and complicated. This was one of the things i mentioned to the rep and he showed me their billing system was nice and simple, easy to understand.