Gas, Bottle Sizes and Types

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    Been lurking here for a while but finally got myself a welder (Clarke 160TE) and expecting a box of goodies from Weldquip in the post. So thought it was time to sort out some gas.

    I''ve been trying to sort out the bottle sizing and competitors name for different products.

    What I'm looking for is about a 3foot high bottle of Argoshield light. What is this in terms of bottle type X,Y,W?
    What do X,Y W mean in amount of gas and physical size?
    What would this be called from say Airproducts?

    I know it's lots of questions but I suspect that supply in Scotland will be more difficult than down south and I'd like to get my facts straight before making a fool of myself on the phone by trying to buy something that doesn't exist.


  2. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

    Sefton, South Island, NZ
    The X and Y are the same height (3 ft odd), but the Y is twice the dia, and holds rather more than twice the gas, for rather less than twice the money.

    I don't know what the AP equivalent sizes are, so can't help there.

    In terms of local supply. Russell Gas on Sighthill are the AP supplier. Boc are at Carron Place by the docks. Price-wise, you won't see any difference, so it really depends where you live, if you don't want to pay the exorbitant delivery charges.

    Otherwise, the usual advice is try Adams Gas in Kent, who will deliver to Scotland! (and are cheaper than the others, we are told)


    Norrie, are you sure they gave you a V size?
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    Thanks for that.

    As I'm living a wee bit out of town now the Sighthill supplier will be best. I'll pop in when I'm next passing. Will probably try to get a Y as space is now really a problem as it'll sit on the back of the welder.

  4. Drains

    Drains Yeah, nah.

    Sefton, South Island, NZ
    How big is it Noz? (not the V, the bottle) I ask, cos as far as i'm aware, argoshield doesn't come in a V size bottle. Neither does anything else, funnily enough :D. Except Pantene Pro V. Plays merry havoc with the penetration mind you :D.

    Edit. Is that your car forum Norrie?
  5. W, X and Y sizes for argoshield mixes, cant find mention of V on the BOC website
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    Phoned up Russel Gas the AP dealer in Edinburgh to find out that they use to rent space to AP but no longer do. Falkirk is the nearest dealer apparently, so phoned them to inquire about a Y cylinder of Argoshield light or equivalent and got:

    "Y what size is that then, is it waist high or chest high.......we'll call you back soonest", and they didn't.

    So off to BOC

  7. white van man Member

    can any one help am needing gas and dont have the cash for a contract just learning to weld