Fronius magicwave 3000 fault code

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    One of the brothers here in our toolroom wheeled in his MIG welder for repair. It is a Fronius magicwave 3000. It is displaying the code UP The welder is 400volt 50 hz . Apparently the fault is something to do with the way he shut the welder down.. there is a set procedure and he didn't follow it, just shutting the power off cold. Now there is this fault code being displayed. and no output. any ideas?
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    Couldn't get access to any of the Fronius manuals, as you need a serial number of the welder to access them.

    The only info I found about the UP or U-P code relates to Primary overvoltage or undervoltage. The code was found on a manual for one of their tig machines, but I would think that a lot of error codes will be the same.

    Probably best to register here and download the manual.
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    The Fronius manual says:
    If any error message that is described here appears on the displays, then the fault is one that can only be put right by a service technician. Make a note of the error message shown in the display, and of the serial number and configuration of the power source, and get in touch with our after-sales service, giving them a detailed description of the error.

    Error message from UTI1A PCB:
    Err 102
    Cause: temperature sensor short circuit
    Err 103
    Cause: temperature sensor open circuit
    Err 107
    Cause: RAM access error
    Err 109
    Cause: secondary overvoltage error
    Err 110
    Cause: power source switch-off
    Err 112
    Cause: ADC offset error
    Err 113
    Cause: ADC gain error
    Err 116
    Cause: cooling circuit error
    Err 117
    Cause: primary overcurrent error
    Err 118
    Cause: supply voltage error (+5V, +15V)
    Displayed service
    Err 119
    Cause: serial data transfer error
    Err 120
    Cause: power module error
    Err U-P
    Cause: primary over/undervoltage

    Err 113
    Cause: ADC gain error
    Error message from UTMS1 PCB
    Err 004
    Ursache: timer error (82C54)
    Err 006
    Cause: Icomm compensation error
    Err 007
    Cause: RAM access error
    Err 008
    Cause: SEEPROM access error
    Err 010
    Cause: external error (robot welding only)
    Err 012
    Cause: ADC offset error
    Err 013
    Cause: ADC gain error
    Err 019
    Cause: serial data transfer error
    Err 021
    Cause: stack overflow

    Magic Wave 3000 manual