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    Hello all. ive had a go at making the pro tools tube bender model 200k they
    dont send you the measerments for the dies and formers. i think i can make
    these on the lathe only difference will be my die will be round. these dies are
    mounted offset from center the former pushes up against the die creating
    the bend. im going to make a 1/1/4 5inch die first so from the center to the
    outside of the die it would measure 2/1/2 inches. if you were to draw a line
    from the center to the edge how far along that line would you mount its
    fixing. hope ive made some sense cheers ocean

    See link for pro tools free bender (
  2. I think the formula for dies are: Radius = 3.5 x the dia of tube. That will be to the centre line of the tube.
  3. I can see the dilemma.
    Put the pivot point too far off centre and the die will just slip round easily without sufficient clamping force. Too close to centre and it won't want to move at all as the clamping forces jam things up.
    Short of obtaining dimensions from an official die I think it could be trial and error. Have you searched the web for other builders of this type of bender. The `blind chicken' bender seems similar.

    If you are making the dies yourself on a lathe, can't you clamp the material off centre in a four jaw to drill the pivot.

    My idea of a solution would be to make a die with a large central hole and insert a boss with an eccentric hole. This boss could then be rotated to various positions within the die to experiment with offsets. It's a lot easier to make these small centre bosses than remake a full die. They should even be able fit several dies.

    I don't see the point in turning a full circular die. You won't be able to bend 180deg in one go using this method, due to the mechanics. Better to save material and make smaller dies.
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    ive got to turn the whole thing round anyway so it seems like hard work to
    then cut it plus if i leave it round i could put various holes at different points
    cheers ocean
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    Re free tube bender plans

    Thanks. now ive had a look at the blind chicken bender which has pro tools
    dies its only a matter of using a protractor to find the radious then draw
    the circle put a line through it and measure use percentages for bigger dies
    cheers ocean
    • benderparts01.jpg
  6. How are you making the pressure die?
    Have you got a shaping machine or mill?
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    Re free tube bender plans

    Hi stormin. i was going to make a 1/1/4 die with a 5 inch radious the former
    i was going to put a solid square bar end in on the for jaw put a series of drills down it if need be turn it around and then turn it out with a long boring
    bar to 1/1/4 then take it out put it back into the four jaw flat and turn it
    down to 5/8 you could cut off slightly more than half first on the saw if not
    ill give it a mate with a miller cheers ocean
  8. Looking at that you will get three from a billet why not post a thread and get another two people who want benders and split the cost lots of people are looking for benders worth a try.That way you get three different sizes for the price of one say 3/4" 1" 1 1/14" or whatever you can all agree on.
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    Stakesy's Metalwork Machinery are the UK and Euopean Importers for Pro Tools range of benders. We don't stock the dies for the 200K model at the moment but will have them in the next 6 weeks for clients who wish to build this bender themselves.

    The website is and we can help with any measurements if you want to make your own dies also. It may even be possible to supply you with any parts you don't want to or can't make for this model. We do stock the 105HD benders and have over 100 dies in stock. We also stock the Oil Filled, Bearing Mounted Inclinometers which work great with both these models.

    Any info required that we can help with regarding any of the Pro Tools range - give us a call - we are only metal heads like yourselves and do use all the kit to fab race car parts.

    Kind regards,

    Matt Stakes
    0116 2709382
    07970 958161
  10. Seeing as you wont respond to my emails I have sent are you aware you are in breech of copyright with the STA143 Flat Bar And Box Section Roller machine?
  11. Monrovian

    Monrovian Member

    Hi there, My phone number is on the post above and on our website and on our ebay listings. I will be happy to talk if you have a problem with any of the affordable machines we sell.

    We are a family business that produce our own machines and tools and also import machines from all over the world. Europe, USA, China, Taiwan, Czech Repubic, Russia, Germany. We try to sell a range of quality, affordable machines to suit everyones budget and price range. Some of these machines may be very similar to other machines made elsewhere. I doubt very much that you invented the 3 roller tube roller unless you are over 100 years old. In which case, congratulations on your age.

    I am sorry if our machine is similar to yours as well as 5 other makes sold in the USA. We also sell the Pro Tools 3 roll tube roller - also very similar to yours. Not many tools made are original but variations on old designs. Does your flat bar roller have adjustable roller side stops? These machines are essentially 2 plates with 3 rollers and an acme screw.

    Sorry if we sell a similar machine. We are friendly family business that is happy to chat about our tools. Our Pro Tools bender is very similar to the JD2and also the JMR!

    Feel free to call me.

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    Matt, viewed your website yesterday, cant enter now for some reason? I was wondering how you manage to keep machines at such a low price?

    Also with you using suppliers from various parts of the world, where does a purchaser stand with warranties and, what happens if machine requires to be returned, does the the purchaser have to wait till machine is returned to A B or C part of the world??

  13. pedrobedro

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    You can buy plans to build benders of different types from Rorty design. Does anyone hold a patent on any of these designs from various websites ? I've never heard of any cases of them being taken down due to breach of copyright, a lot of these are open source and are modified and developed constantly.
  14. Why do you think Bob is selling his plans? That is because he designed that particular one with his knowledge and spent time making drawings and supplying a cutting list and insted of selling the unit he supplies the plans to let each individual build there own some people find it easier to follow drawings than spending endless hours thinking out the design theirself.
  15. Monrovian

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    Hi there, The website is back online now after a server panel change.

    All our own brand tools have a 1 year breakage warranty and all Pro Tools are lifetime against breakage on die sets. We keep spares for our own machines and always hold models back in case of large parts failure. European and US containers arrive every 5 weeks.

    Touch wood the only comebacks we have are broken boxes from couriers and always deal with issues same day. In fact DHL dropped a box yesterday and the tool was fine but to keep the customer happy we sent him a free StrongHand clamp. We have some tools made overseas but only use one factory and regularly meet up with them to check quality. We have had other factories supply rubbish and its used to weigh the awning down at race meetings!

    We keep the price down by buying £50,000 worth at a time and not being greedy.

    I apologise for hijacking this thread and also to Sam to whom I have spoken for supplying a similar version of his US made Tube Roller.

    This isn't meant as an advert for us so sorry to the Forum Admin.

    Matt Stakes
  16. I manufacture the machine all parts are made in Scotland not having seen the machine in question close at hand I cant comment on quality but what I can say in 10 years in supplying and manufacturing these machines I have not had one comeback and they all carry a years guarantee. My kids or suppliers cant survive on rice alone so maybe that is why engineers ask for an honest price on the work they do in this country the hardening of the rollers and shafts alone are almost 20% of what your asking price is. Does make me wonder! No apology.:laughing: p.s. that was not a dig at you Matt.;)
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    Sorry Sam - you said you had a US partner or a tie with US machines. Got mixed up.

    I do make race car wishbones, wings, oil tanks etc for Historic F1 cars when I get the chance so I appreciate how much and how long things take to make. We try to supply good kit that enables a small business or race car builder, custom car builder, bike builder etc to kit out his workshop with a range of equipment without having to spend his whole budget on one piece of equipment. I also appreciate that yours may or may not last a little longer than some of our Taiwanese made tools but we have spent a lot of time with one Taiwanese manufacturer getting the quality as good as our samples and our customers are real happy. Check out our ebay feedback replies.

    Sam there is a place for both and I wish you well in the future.
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    Yes but if you look at the number 1 and 2 they are very similar to items for sale in Machine Mart and the number 3 is like the JD2 or any other but without the degree ring. Who owns the copyright and how similar or different does something need to be not to be the intellectual property of someone else ?
  19. Where do you think Machine mart items come from? What the **** are the chinese famous for? copying things! Dont know when the plans Rorty sells were done or even look like but he has went to the effort of drawing up plans for people to manufacture why should he not be rewarded for his efforts. What ****s me off is someone jumping on the bandwaggon and making a living out of others effort. If you had an idea in your head to design something and someone came along and copied it would you not be pissed off?
  20. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    I posted the link to Rorty's bender for anyone wanting plans for a different type of bender to the pro-tools one, although not free they are good detailed .pdf drawings. He also did some good rear axle designs which he gave away freely on another forum. Machine Mart items come from wherever they are made, welders included but they are made to their specifications and price limit and I've never heard of anyone accusing them of idea theft or copyright breach. If I'd invented something and taken out a patent on it I would be rightfully indignant if someone else copied it but if I had just improved on a previous design with no intellectual property rights I don't think it would be any use complaining and my product would have to stand on it's own merits. Pro-tools encourage people to make their own machines knowing that some of them will buy dies from them and I applaud them for their openness. I'm sorry if someone has jumped on your bandwagon
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