Frame for CNC machine ?

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    I am planning on building my own cnc router and would appreciate some thoughts.

    The frame I am trying to make is the same as that shown in the picture, but I am unsure what dimension square tube to use. I was thinking of 80 * 80 * 5mm for the legs and then 100 * 50mm * 5mm for the horizontal sections ?


    The machine bed will be 10' * 5'. The machine in the picture weighs 1600Kg
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    Your best bet is to go here.

    These are guys who have been there, done it, or are doing it. A lot better than the general guys here speculating what is best. The proof is in the pudding, the guys on that forum have the real knowledge based on fact.

    I wish you luck with your project and would love to see it's progress.

    My kind regards,

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    I will post there. Thanks
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    I built a frame to support a lead shielding enclosure for irradiating rodents, it was 80x80x5mm mild steel... the thing weighed 1100Kg complete so I wouldn't think you'd be a kick in the pods off.
    Looks like that router above uses NSK-style linear slides; I use them with 25mm rail on some of my projects, bloody expensive things! Last ones I got were from Zapp Automation I think.
    I'm currently building some lifting mechs with round guided rail for a change, haven't used it before so will be interesting so see how it compares to the square linear rail.
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    Pics please.... ;) or more details.
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    Hmmm, are you trying to compete? ;)

    This is one of our top-loading designs, the first couple were front-loaders and had the 80x80 frame - I think this one is 60x60mm.

    The lower chamber with the hinge-down door contains a bipolar x-ray tube with enough power to poke through, as I recall, 40mm of steel.
    All the roller-lever switches are interlocks so you can't start the set with the doors open. This particular unit was a 'budget' build and didn't use the touch-screen computer control of the others, nor were we about to supply the purpose-made stainless steel cabinet of earlier units! This cabinet is 25mm box with knock-together corners, clad in 0.8mm powder-coated steel sheet which acts to make the frame rigid.
    Open doors, insert rats, shut doors, select parameters from exposure chart showing dose required, press go :D
    In use at a UK university for cancer research, along with a few others similarly sited, plus one at a large pharmaceuticals company.
    Some of the welding isn't pretty but hey, I'm an electronics techie :D
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