First TIG project - logging sawhorse

  1. abarthx19 Member

    Hi All,

    Having recently found this forum I've been avidly looking through all the different projects people have put up.. such a great resource for ideas and information!

    So having enjoyed what others have posted I though I'd post some pics of my first proper TIG project - a logging saw horse:

    WMW sawhorse 1.jpg

    WMW sawhorse 2.jpg

    WMW sawhorse 3.jpg

    I've only recently learnt how to TIG weld, and so far have been really enjoying it. I had bought a welder a couple of years back but wasn't in a position to set it up, but having recently been made redundant I managed to get on a TIG course via a vocational retraining scheme - I gained a couple of codings for stainless, but no luck getting work off the back of it yet, I need to get more experience first is seems, so I keep practcing - mainly tubular junctions.

    Having done a lot of practice joints I decided it would be a good idea to push myself further an take on a proper project and keep things fresh and interesting.

    I'm hoping to soon weld up a bike frame and wanted something that would take me out my comfort zone with loads of out of position welding, made a bit trickier by working in whats quite a cramped space.

    I ended up having to weld standing up, crouching down (at times using my knee on the pedal instead of my foot).. all good fun!

    All in all I'm pretty chuffed with the end result - my Dad gets a saw horse to help him chop up firewood, something to add to the CV and good practice for the forthcoming bike project.

    Hope pics were of interest, and I look forward to reading through more of this forum.


  2. johnny max Member

    jesas lad thats a mad looking yoke :cool::cool:
  3. FranV8 Member

    Cambs, UK
    Lovely job! Looks like the practice is paying off, and I sympathise with the alternative body parts to operate the pedal.

    Sorry you've been made redundant, good luck with finding work soon.
  4. FranV8 Member

    Cambs, UK
    Ps explain your links with the X19!
  5. gavuk

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    I'm sure a footpedal is used by some ,but all the pipefitters I've have worked with never used one ,some use a torch with adjustable current ,but outside of bench welding ,its really not that common on steel or stainless,alluminium it is very common to prevent cold starts....nice work ....but don't rely too heavily on the footpedal,just my opinion though :whistle: :laughing: