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    I`m looking at buying a welder and have seen some (1 or 2) good reviews on the site for Fema (Particularly from someone who could be said to be partisan). Normally I`d just look see comments suggesting its a pile of Junk then move on , but has anyone else any comments on the unit? Its going to be for a car restoration and I see a nice low ampage setting probably good for thin steel!


    Otherwise its carry on looking for a cheap 2nd hand Cebora or Clarke!
  2. weldequip Member

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    Fimer are Italian made; con artist, avoid ;)
  3. megadethmaniac Member

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    don`t tell me like another Italian brand ~ one which you have to get a tech to "Fix It Again Tomorrow"
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    Fimer and Fema twodifferent makes, I have an Italian made Fimer 215, they are a very well respected welding related manufacturer, Mine is absolutely top class, Cant fault it at all, Synergic mig for steel,ally and mig brazing,also does stick and DC tig, Solid machine with 4 roll wire feed,
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    From the catalogue, Fema looks like one of those Italian welder companies like DECA which makes everything from rubbishy buzz boxes to industrial grade gear. Probably a lot of it rebadged by other people.

    I'd wonder about spares availability and support and I'm also to inclined to think that for a machine selling for £150 new, the maker is going to be very limited in terms of what they can spend on the wire feed, the transformer, etc.

    Generally, I've found that given the choice between a new cheap item and a second hand better one, it's been best to go for the second hand one, because it was designed and made as a higher quality unit in the first place.
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    Must confess I looked at the slightly bigger brother of this machine on the bay and was tempted like you I have a limited budget and would only use the machine occasionally for the odd project. I telephoned Toolsave for further info, got a sales person who was to get a tech person to ring me back needless to say nobody came back to me. That probably says it all, also if you look at the feedback I cannot find any relating to FEMA welders again to me a warning sign.

    So I am still looking and like you asked on this site for advice and became more confused. Have also looked at a S/H BOC/Murex Autolynx 130 and whilst I am told it is working, having spoken to Murex I have found that spares are not available for this machine so again could be left with a pup.

    Perhaps what we could do with on this site is a area where people could put their experiences with various welders giving them marks out of 10 1 being crap 10 being the bees knees for various attributes such as build quality, after sales service, reliability etc etc might help people like you and me in making a decision. :o
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