etch primer over jenolite?

  1. oapt25 Member

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    Had a look about and couldnt find the answer to this.

    Is it ok to spray etch primer over areas treated with jenolite? i have a few areas in my van floor that are not bad enough to cut out but cant quite clean out properly so was going to give then a quick coating.
  2. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    jelonites a rust remover it hasnt a built in primer .so etch primer will be ok 2 use ;)
  3. That should be ok, just make sure you wipe away any excess jenolite first then dry thoroughly before applying primer.
  4. jaykay Member


    go for it,it works fine.i just go over the area with a hotgun prior to spraying just to make sure it's dried right out.
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