Engine driven dc welder questions.

  1. CRS51

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    Cheshire, England
    Hello all, have just bought a Perkins P6 engine driven DC welder made by quasi arc. Now can anyone explain how the current controls actually work ?
    I know how the current is produced by the generator part but am wondering how the voltage and current control actually work. Can anyone give me an explanation or basic diagram to explain things.
    I am guessing the current is regulated by a very large "resistor" but am unsure about the voltage. The voltage control unit is a 60 ohm variable resistor that I have had in bits to clean the contacts.
    Where and how does this connect to the output of the generator. Pics to follw shortly
    cheers Chris.
  2. the snooper

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    Hull UK
    the variable probably connects to the voltage regulator, on a generator they are pre set to a specific voltage so that if the output voltage drops it then increases the excitation voltage to the armature to correct it