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    Hi all,

    Does anyone know where I can get some drawings / plans to make a sheet metal folder :confused:

    I need to fold lots of 2.5mm plate to 90 degrees and have gotten fed up of hammering it in the vice. :( The plates I'm bending at the mo are only 100mm wide but one that could do up to 300mm or more would be nice. :)

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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  3. peterd51

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    Nice one, thanks!

    This is something I've thought about making form time to time but not got around to designing yet.

  4. Wozzaaah

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    Most of the manual folders you can buy will only bend 1-1.5mm sheet, 2.5mm is pretty stiff stuff to bend by hand. I thought about making something up using a bottle jack or even make or adapt a shop press. In fact while typing this I had a quick google and found just the thing I was thinking about. This works with a shop press and will bend some pretty hefty stuff. I want one!
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    Thanks Andy,

    Just come off the phone with axminster tech support & they reckon that will do just what I want, so have ordered the 150mm one. :)

    Will post next week after trying it to see if it does what it says on the tin. As you said Woz 2.5mm is pretty stiff - it certainly takes a lot of hammering. (btw how's the nagging mag drill behaving?).

    Thanks Gert-Jan as well, that looks like what I was thinking of originally. I think I will have a go at that very soon, but there is a few things I can't follow.

    Has anyone successfully built one of these from these plans & if so is it any good & how thick will it bend?

  7. peterd51

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    that vice kit looks good!

    I have a manual fly-press and it can manage up to 3mm - 4mm but it's limited to smaller pieces of metal. I've used it mostly for folding 3.5" lengths of 25mm x 3mm into 'U' shapes to weld on the end of a 1" box...this will clip nicely onto a cross rail of a market stall for display shelves, etc.

    I fancy something a bit bigger that will take 1mm plate about 14" wide for folding car-repair bits and it doesn't usually need to go as far as 90 degrees.

    So far I've been limited to placing the metal in the vice and tapping it over with a hammer but combining the two tools shown I reckon it wouldn't take much to make a vice folder of, say, 14" length.

    Thanks for the update.

  8. Wozzaaah

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    That vice mounted kit looks really handy and it's such good value. I reckon you could use a few of those together for bending wider sheets, you'd just have to make up a frame to mount them in. Hmmm, got my designing head on again ;).

    Edit: Not actually used the mag drill properly yet Dafydd but tested it and works a treat, thanks again ;).
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    Just in case anyone's interested, the 6" version of this arrived this morning:


    Works really well. Been bending 100mm x 2.5mm thick plates - makes a very neat & accurate 90 bend. :D

    You need arms like a bloody gorilla to turn the vice on this thick plate though, even with scaffold tube as an extension, although I would imagine it would be a doddle on 2mm & less. ;)

    Thanks akdaka for pointing it out.
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