Condensation in shed

  1. I have a wooden shed with a metal roof and have now noticed condensation on the roof inside. So much in fact it is dripping everywhere, including onto the metal 240v sockets. I have had to switch the power off till I get it sorted. Picture the beams and everything else as being done in the nomal fashion but with a corrugated steel roof screwed straight onto the beams (I got it cheaper than it would have cost me in wood and felt). Would screwing some ply to the underside of the roof, directly onto the metal stop the condensation forming? Or would it be better to leave an airgap between them? I will try and upload a photo tonight to explain what I mean.

  2. brightspark

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    yarm teeside

    cellotex or kingspan insulaton sheets would be nice leavng an airgap :laughing:
  3. rtbcomp

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    Try to leave the eaves open so air can circulate between the top of the insulation and bottom of the tin.
  4. :ashamed: I blocked them up a while ao to keep the heat in, maybe that is the problem. I got a bit carried away with some expanding foam and filled in all the gaps...........oops! I have quite a few sheets of Kingspan left over from a previous job though, so first off I need to get some air in, then get the insulation up. Oh well, you live you learn

  5. here is a pic
    • roof.jpg
  6. pedrobedro

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    Staple some plastic DPC to the underneath of the roof beams then put your sheets up and bodge some holes in the expanding foam to allow a through draught or fill the gaps between the rafters with your kingspan then put some boards up to hold it in place.
  7. cazl1994 Member

    we had the same problem put cellotex up to stop it
  8. brightspark

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    yarm teeside
    ideal screw the kingspan on to the battons as u allready have the airgap poke out foam with broom handle and leave eaves open as rtb says for airflow:laughing:
  9. Shox Dr

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    It needs a flow of air through it. That or buy a dehumidifier.
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys. Just had to switch off all the power just in case, but that alos means tryig to find some space in the freezer inside for some venison and rabbit, my darling wife won't let me keep it in the house for some reason and not enough room in the house to bring the freezer inside, oh well I might just have to make a nice casserole with it, mmhhh...........followed by a nip or two,that'll help keep the cold away

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    try bubble friend does use's that in the green and its fairly warm in there.
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