Cobel 200a pulsed inverter tig ac/dc welder

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    That 'could' be fine for diyers but I'd be a little wary of buying one.
    Why? There's no mention of any warranty whatsoever except that it has to be returned 'unused' within 14 days for a refund. It's a generic Chinese machine which means internal spares are available but would have to come direct from china. 'Cobel' as a company don't seem to exist which point to it being 'backstreet joe' importing them by the container load and selling them on without any aftersales support or even real knowledge about what they're actually selling.
    My advice? If you want to take a chance on a cheap chinese tig then get one from shop-river or feltzen group, both seem to offer and honour their warranties ;).
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    there good to use iv used loads of tig sets and i no that they good they also come with 12 month guarantee
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    From the site "The seller will not accept returns for this item". :o + NO mention of guarantee. :o Stay well clear.
    Several of us on here have Rehmann see this thread, seem OK.
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    Anybody got a few grand to invest? Then why not buy a container load of welders from China & stick em on eBay! It's that easy, they will supply anybody, no previous experience needed :hug: