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  1. Hi all,

    This is my first post on here although I have spent a lot of time browsing the various threads.
    I am new to welding, I brought a second hand SIP Autoplus 196 which I have used quite a bit now. It came with a pub bottle of CO2 which has now ran out so I'm now looking to get myself some CO2/Argon.

    I assume the regulator on my CO2 bottle will be of no use once I get my CO2/Argon mix? Therefore I'll need a new regulator, what should I be looking for? Are there different types? Are they easy enough to fit?

    Any help/suggestions much appreciated,

  2. shenion

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    Argon/CO2 use a standard fitting.

    The best is a regulator with a tank pressure gauge and a flow meter (has ball that floats up a graduated tube to show actual flow.) Next is one with dual gauges with the output gauge calibrated in LPM or SCFH.

    weldequip or DIY welding should be able to get you one. Your gas supplier will also have a reg but I doubt it would be inexpensive.
  3. Thanks Scott.

    Do they vary much? The reason I'm asking is because I've seen a few on Ebay? Or should they be avoided?

  4. shenion

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    I have bought 4 different regulators off ebay. One was a Chinese reg with a flowmeter. It was sloppily made but worked. It was just for occasional use on my portable welder; did not want an expensive one I was worried about breaking.

    The other ones were name brands like Smith, Harris and Hobart. They have been very good. If you stick with a name brand, then you should be fine.

    You do need to check the input and output fittings. Most of mine came with adapters for the most common fittings. If your welder has the 4mm tube you will need and adapter.

    Make sure the regulator has the ouput calibrate din LPM or SCFH. If it just has a PSI gauge, it is a regulator for lab use, not welding.
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    I would always recommend a known brand regulator as ive been told of a few chinese ebay ones that have exploded when the bottle pressure is released into them :o I think weldequip's regs are very reasonably priced...Just remember how much but if you pm the man himself im sure he'll sort you out (and faultless back up also :D) )

  6. Lovely job! I know what I'm looking for now ( I think!), and what to avoid! I guess the fitting to the gas bottle is more or less one standard size then? But do they come in male and female?
    Sorry for all the questions, I just want to get the right one first time!

    Great forum btw, Thanks again.
  7. shenion

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    Gas bottle fittings are standard here (USA)and in the UK.

    The reg will have a male fitting for Argon/CO2. Called CGA-580 here
    It will have a female fitting for CO2. Called CGA-540 here

    Here are two of mine:

    First is 2-gauge version with calibrated flow gauge (WeldIt/Hobart).


    Second is one with a built-in flowmeter (Smith):

    I know the tanks in the UK have a straight valve so the fitting is pointing up. Here, they are are right-angle valves so the regs are set up that way. The first one will work in any position, the second will only work horizontal (with glass tube pointing up.)

    Both are for argon mix bottles.
  8. Archie Member

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    The valve varies with supplier. BOC bottles do indeed have a straight valve but Air Products ones have right angled ones. I never understand why regulator makers can't make the fittings longer. The handle round the top of the AP bottles always means the reg is facing the floor. :vsad:
  9. Ahhh ok. Well hopefully I know enough now to get the right one.

    Thanks again to everyone who's replied, much appreciated.


  10. Chrissi Willing to help if I can.

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    You can get angled adaptor to solve this. I can remember off hand what the price is.
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    I have a question to add to this thread.

    For a 120amp mig, what flow range do I need in the flowmeter for a CO2/Argon mix?

    ex: Does the flowmeter need to read 0-25Lpm?

  12. Robotstar5

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    You should be looking for about 12-15 Lpm from the torch, flowguages are usually calibrated 0-30 & 0-40 Lpm (in UK)
  13. dsmtuned New Member

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    Awesome! Thanks for your help!

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