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  1. corporal New Member

    Hello guys,

    First of all thanks a lot for the well kept and informative site and forum.

    I'm about to buy a new MIG. After some research, and shopping around, reduced list to the following sets:

    Clarke 195TEC Turbo -> 30 to 185A, 20% dutycycle@170A
    Clarke 205TE Turbo -> 30 to 185A, 12% dutycycle@65A
    Deca Star 180E Turbo -> 30 to 160A, 20% dutycycle@130A (gas+nogas)
    Telmig 170/1 Turbo -> 30 to 160A, 15% dutycycle@140A
    Femig T 170W-GAS -> 25 to 170A, 20% dutycycle@130A

    They are all approximately equally priced. I know that most of them are Italian, but can you please guide as to the best choice between them as regards to reliability, and best value for money? Which would be capable to handle aluminium please?

    Your feedback is greatly appriciated.

  2. maurizio New Member

    FEMA welders

    Dear David,
    I'm an Italian but for job reason I am working in downunder (Australia). I'm an enthusiastic user of welding machine and concerning your list I recommend to use a Fema model.

    For my experience they are very reliable maschines (FEMIG T170W) and are fitness to use for Aluminum welding and its cost is more interesting.

    As far as I know Fema is recognized around the world as excellent welding machine producer with high quality standars, low cost and high reliability.

    For my experience I can tell that their after sales service is very helpful to solve the root cause of faults and technical replies are prompt punctual and quick.

    Also they are present around the world and their service works right left and centre.e
    For the reasons listed above, I always suggest to buy Fema welders.

    If you have any questions, please contact me!

    Bye bye Maurizio!
  3. Tommaso New Member

    Ref. your choice

    Dear David,

    If you did not purchase a welder yet, I suggest DECASTAR 180 from DECA. It is the greatest company in the world and they are really serious people. I am working with it since years without any problem. anything I need they are very kind and reply immediately.

    let me know if you already purchased a product and eventually what is the result.

    Kind regards