Clarke 100E mk2 parts?

  1. Johnsvan Member

    UK, Hertford
    I have just bought my first MIG (see pics), saw it on ebay and couldn't resist putting in a cheeky bit. So it's cheep and rusty but everything seems to work apart from the wire feed. The motor seems fine with plenty of grunt but the wire is sticking in the liner and or torch.

    I dismantled the torch and found the rusty and broken spring liner.

    I need new liners I think but I have a couple of questions:

    Is it a Clarke torch?
    Why is it thumb operated?
    What bits do I need?

    Also need tips and a nozzle me thinks.

    Any advice please.
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  2. keith19 Forum Supporter

    Midlands UK
    The swan neck nozzle is on upside down, that's why it's thumb-operated. You aren't taking the Michael, are you?
    Yes, it certainly looks like a Clarke torch. Have a good look at the little bitty spring that operates from the trigger, it can get rusted and/or burnt.
    Get a metal liner while you're at it, runs smoother for longer than plastic, not much difference in price.
  3. madkayaker

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    its definatly a clark torch. weldequips shop has all the bits you need! a little tip don't try changing the tip when its hot it breakes the swan kneck
  4. keith19 Forum Supporter

    Midlands UK
  5. Johnsvan Member

    UK, Hertford
    Keith :-) no, not taking the .... just wondering why and what to do about it. The SIP brass block looks remarkably similar, is it in fact the same thing?
    My one also has a grub screw.

    I see on Weldequip that there is a plastic block and a screw in swan neck and a new style liner. I guess I'll give them a ring to make sure I get the right bits.

    And yes the spring contact thing was rusty but I've sorted that now.

    Cheers :-)