Cheap or free tools needed for community shed project in Bristol

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    Hi all

    I'm involved in setting up a community shed project on the site of the old Cadbury's/Fry's chocolate factory on the outskirts of Bristol. We have been refurbishing the building and it's nearly ready for the big opening, so we're currently trying to stock it with tools. We've already had some donations, but we're still short of some basic DIY and woodworking items. In future, we'd also like to do a bit of basic metalworking and already have a welding machine (thanks @HughF ), so any metalworking tools would also be welcome.

    We don't have loads of space or much of a budget, so no room or money for large machine tools. We'd also like to keep everything mobile so that the space can be as general purpose as possible and not just a workshop.

    So, if you have any surplus tools we'd love to relieve you of them.

    More info here:

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    The_Yellow_Ardvark If in doubt ask.

    Wiltshire UK
    Give me a shout. I may have spares from a local shed.
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