Cebora Revolution Combi, is it any good?

  1. mroek Member

    Hi all,

    I am pretty new to welding (haven't welded for years), but I have been thinking about getting a welding machine for some time now. As it turns out, I got one for Christmas, but I know next to nothing about this manufacturer. I am unsure if I should keep it or return it for a refund. The welder is a Cebora Revolution Combi:

    The specs are slightly misleading, the number of regulation steps are only 4, not 7. Other than that, the specs should be correct.

    It will be used for occasional small stuff, perhaps some sheet welding (car repair), and I've promised the kids that we'll try to put together a downhill race car (is that the correct term?).

    Is this a suitable welder for such tasks? How about quality? Is Cebora any good?

  2. hi and welcome aboard the cebora migs in my opinoin are quite good had one myself years ago never no to trouble to work with that one of yours looks well i wouldent send it it back it should be fine with the work you want to undertake a freind of mine has one simerler to that model like yours (but his is the snap on version same i think) get it pluged in and get cracking you wont regret it:laughing:
  3. mroek Member

    Thanks for the answer!

    The only thing that bothers me slightly is that the welder seems to always have a live wire/nozzle. I would prefer it if power was only applied when the trigger was pulled, but I suppose it is possible to live with a live wire also (pun intended).
  4. if i can remember my pocket mig made by cebora very old model that had live torch too but wouldent have thought the newer stuff would have live torch bit of a pain to get used to but you will find a way to live with it i did once its all set up right it should turn out good results for you :laughing:
  5. mroek Member

    I have now sent it back for a refund. I decided that I didn't want a machine with a live wire, and I will now probably buy a Kemppi MinarcMig 150 Adaptive instead. Probably a much, much better machine, and it it also very light and small.
  6. mroek Member

    Today I got the Kemppi, and played around with it. I am very pleased, and got decent results right off the bat.
  7. My mate's got a snap on 2135 which is the same welder he's had it about 10yrs and not a single problem. Im an engineer and ive took it on mobile jobs many times and it's performed perfect i dont use it now cos ive gat a keppi minarcmig 150. Overall though a strong welder.
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