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  1. Hi all, just bought a secondhand cebora tigstar 251 ac/dc set and I've been trawling the net for a manual but not having any luck, does anybody know where I can get one from or does anyone on here have one they could scan and send to me please. Also in the blurb the seller sent me it is single phase and covers voltages from 208 to 460 are there jumpers inside that will need to be changed over to get it to run on 240 single phase.
    Thanks Ian

    PS I've not picked it up yet and won't be able to until next week :(
  2. pennytrucker Member

  3. Been there pennytrucker but it won't let me download a service manual without a user name or password and the instruction manual is not available for download :vsad:

    Thanks anyway

  4. warren2705 New Member

    cebora 251 tigstar

    hi, im in the boat as you! i have the indentical set! i would like a user manual and a place to get parts? i cannot seem to get any info off the net about this either have you acheived anything yet? what are these sets capable of? how old are they? anybody help?