Cebora Invertor Sound 180 ST HF

  1. Monrovian

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    Anyone have any reviews on these. I have the option to buy one that looks as though its only had light use. I think its an early model by the look of it and looks to be DC only.

    Also if it only has input for a button start does that mean i can't retro fit a pedal which would be nice?

    Are Cebora's reliable invertors?
  2. Monrovian

    Monrovian Member

    Must be a rare model!!! :)
  3. weldequip Member

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    Rare no, old yes! I wouldn't touch a second hand Inverter, or indeed a lot of new (cheap) Inverters! If it's had very little use & is very cheap, worth a punt. Cebora will back it up with spares but they are never cheap (generally, not just Cebora) so the buying price needs to be right ;)
  4. I had one of them cost me £800 quid at the time, how times have changed.........mine died after years of abuse........ good machine tho, but a bit long in the tooth to buy now I would have yerself a nice transpocket....:flame:
  5. Monrovian

    Monrovian Member

    Hi - Its £60 including a full bottle of argon etc but a circuit boards gone down. I have someone looking at it that deals with welders. Could be a cheap little set if repairable. It looks almost new. We shall see.
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