Can I run a 3 phase fan on a single phase supply ?

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    I’m trying to get a big fan for a spray booth that I’m building

    I’ve seen a fan the might be suitable but it has a 3 phase motor

    Can I run a 3 phase fan on a single phase supply ?

    Or do I have to use some kind of converter as I only have a single phase supply :)
  2. Drains

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    You can't run it on a single phase supply. You might find it cheaper to buy a single phase motor. What is the size and duty of the fan, and the size of the motor?
  3. You can run it on a 3 phase converter, i have a rotary one, which goes up to 4kw. Thar runs the 3kw belt sander lovely
  4. If its got a dual volt motor (look on the motor plate for 220/415) then with a quick change of the links in the motor terminal box you can run it with an inverter thats how my lathe is run single phase speed controller and 16 amp supply
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    There are 3 options:

    1. Static converter

    Basically runs single phase with a capacitor start for the 3rd phase. Only gives 2/3 power. Fine for lathes and drill presses that have a bigger motor than you will use normally.

    2. Rotary converter

    Basically a static converter that runs a larger 3-phase motor. This motor is used to generate the 3rd phase.

    3. Inverter

    Electronically generates 3-phase from a single-phase input.

    Probably the fan will not run well on a static converter as fans normally run full speed/power.

    You might be able to swap the motor for a single-phase.
  6. performancepolishing Custom Bodyshop


    Don't forget if your building your own booth its not just extraction you'll need the same amount of input of clean filtered if you use a minimum 2000cfm extractor you'll want the same 2000cfm coming in to the booth...and also don't forget the extractor cfm drops quite a bit when its properly filtered...

    Good luck

    By the way, the best cfm for full size spray booths is about 8000cfm :( and thats pretty big for any one extractor to do.... trust me I know I have six in the ceiling alone and am contemplating putting another in the rear wall:vsad:
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    You can get some 3 phase motors to run on single phase, using capacitors, they won't run super smooth, but if it's for a fan that won't matter.

    Suggest you get hold of a book imaginatively titled 'Electric Motors' by Jim Cox, ISBN 0-85242-914-2
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    give transwave a ring get a static converter there verry helpful tel 08447700272
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    Drains Yeah, nah.

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    Hey brightspark, is your name given in irony?

    This thread's 2 years old mate...
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    well he may work in resuss and likes bringing things back to life :whistle: