BOC Transmig 140 maintenance.

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    Hi, new to the forum and thought that this may be the place to ask about preventative maintenance on my 140. The welder is getting old now and had thought to replace it but I just love it, and money is real tight so I don't think I could get the same or better for the money. I weld 22swg through to 14swg, and the rheostat power control is just perfect for this light stuff.
    So i did some searching here and saw that someone had mentioned replacing capacitors on this model, it sounds pretty straight forward, has anyone any more info on this? Are there any other things that could be done/tested for efficiency?. I have mostly done all the visible things on the 140 like new torch, rheostat tracks cleaned and motor, but the electronic side is as was when new and its done a lot since then.
    Many thanks, Sean.