BOC TM 140 Mig Welder Manual/Schematic

  1. aja150855 New Member

    I have just bought an old BOC TM 140 mig welder. Can anyone help me find a manual, circuit diagam, parts list, etc? Many Thanks in Advance Andrew
    Part Number: 1198245
  2. aja150855 New Member

    Update on Thread

    After contacting BOC it seems that their old MIG welder business was acquired by MIH Welding Supplies Ltd, Unit E, Rio Works, Woking, Surrey, GU23 6JX, 01483 225409. Manual, schematic, parts list, etc a reasonable £15 photocopying, handling and postage charge. Hope this helps others in a similiar position. Andrew
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    Excellent info and thanks for coming back to share it - you are right it probably will help someone in the future
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    BOC Transmig 140: what to do?

    There seems to be a (small) flurry of interest in these old warhorses. I know 500 Mondial posted but did not get a reply, so I thought I'd tag on here.

    I'd really appreciate some advice on my situation. New to MIG (and the forum), done a little oxy/acetylene, brazing, soldering – mainly at school which is a very long time ago now. Now need to weld a variety of stuff on (very) smallholding: gates, doors on metal sheds, land rover chassis, and I'm sure there's a lot of other stuff that will occur.

    I have acquired a Transmig 140: it's tatty but seems to work, though I haven't achieved a usable result yet! It would benefit, I guess, at least from a new nozzle, probably a new hose liner, and certainly from the gas unions being gas tight (it came with a big cylinder of CO2, probably 80% used – both gauges bust – why are there 2?). I was also going to clean out the insides and electrics with an air jet at 80 psi, then I saw the "contains asbestos" label and thought I might take a little advice ...

    So (and thanks for getting this far,) bearing in mind that I'm learning, should I spend perhaps £75 on a little tlc and a clean up (assuming there's a reasonably safe way to do it?) Or do I just wait for a reasonable deal at Machine Mart and get something like a Clarke 165TEM?

    All thoughts very gratefully received. Oh, and where do you get a CO2 cylinder refilled? Yup, that's how little I know ...
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    Hi mate.Dont blow the insides out with comp far as i know you will blow any small dust fragments of metal all over the boards and this will cause shorts(so im led to believe)the two dials on your bottles are-
    the left one is to tell you whats in your bottle.
    the right ones to tell you your gas flow amount.

    Its entirely up to you if you want ro repair what you have or buy a clarke, but from my experience with murex welders is there a dream to use once you get them going right,very forgiving and go for ever!
    The parts are readily available for nearly just about all models and there also not too expensive!
    I use a tradesmig 190.i Hadnt welded for nigh on 22yrs and after 5 minutes messing about i was back to where i left off:)
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    Thanks for getting back ...

    ... very encouraging, I'll plough on (literally: large gobbets of metal either side of a furrow, but I'm sure I'll get there!). Cheers.