best Tig set? youe opinion and reasons?

  1. BRODTuning Member

    south wales
    Hi all ,just wondering what is in your opinion the best tig set available ,money not a factor just wonderin what in your eyes is the ultimate tig set and why? also what improvements would you make and what features would you add?
    could turn into an interesting thread with some input ,sorry if there is already a thread about this!
  2. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    CX Derbyshire
    My Stel 201h because I already have it and it does what I want. Money no object it would still have to run on a domestic supply so really you need to set more parameters. Kemppi Mastertig would be a good contender with a range of front panels.
  3. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    I have a MasterTIG 2300 and love it to bits. Is it the best set in the world? I don't know, but it sure does what I want it to do.

    As for buttons, it came with the basic panel, that I had to get repaired, that then got lost in the return post. So they sent me the high end panel, to be honest it looks good when you fire it up, but after that it's not that much different to the basic, you just don't have to dig around to adjust stuff.

    It also runs off a 13amp plug with 230amps max, not many set do that.
  4. Engineer pre-moderated

    What do you want to use the TIG for and do you have 3phase power? Without taking those things into account its impossible for anyone to answer your question.
  5. FranV8 Member

    Cambs, UK
    Quick list:

    - Option to run three phase or single phase
    - Inverter machine
    - Air filters on machine
    - IGBT
    - Water cooled torch
    - Built in rack for torches/cable storage
    - Build in flow meter
    - Big amp range - from not a lot to a lot!
    - AC/DC
    - 100% duty cycle
    - Pedal
    - Preset and actual amp display
    - Variable frequency
    - Full feature pulse
    - Stick capability
    - Weigh nothing!
    - Torch mounted variable current
    - Flexible head
    - Set of gas lenses for the torch as well as normal
    - Quick release hose couplings (water and gas)
    - Probably knobs for everything - parameters hidden behind menus make quick checking harder IMHO.
    - Oh, price = £100

    (I assume you meant dream machine spec!)
  6. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    I would love to have a flexi water cooled torch head. They might say they flexible, but mine sure as hell doesn't
  7. FranV8 Member

    Cambs, UK
    I'm afraid I just made a wish list up - so the practicalities of achieving it are probably questionable!
  8. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    You are not far off, most of the top end machines there Fran. Just multiply the cost by 55
  9. Delgado Member

    Slough UK
    If we're talking single phase 240v inverters then I vote for either Kempii MasterTig or EWM Tetrix. That being said, the Miller Dynasty and the lincoln V205T are also clear contenders.
  10. pedrobedro

    pedrobedro Man at Matalan

    CX Derbyshire
    A friend of mine has a couple of Miller Dynasty DX in his factory and they are definitely up there with the best.
  11. BRODTuning Member

    south wales
    Im not buying a tig as much as id like to ,im 15 and dont have the money,luckily im having a long term loan of a inverter fusion 200phf off my uncle. I wanted to know your opinions ,nothing specific like power ,just wanted to know what in your opinion is the best tig available.
  12. BRODTuning Member

    south wales
    i personally prefer 240v machines as they can easily be used on site and at home ,it does depend on what you are using it for ,ie all workshop bench stuff or on site,but what the real question is ,what would your dream machine be like? and are there any that currently come close?
  13. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    My dream machine would be my Keppmi MLS2300, with a quick release Watercooler, as currently it is bolted to the base of the Set. And about 10kg lighter, and that's about it.

    Oh and a Foot pedal that is included with the set. Jesus H Christ why do Manufacturers (or should I say) get away with can they charging 250quid plus for a length of cable with a plug one one end and a pot on the other. In a tin box :mad::mad::mad:

    I can handle paying 50quid for the pot on the head, but 250quid PLUS VAT for a pedal. Robbin B*****ds
  14. hotrodder Member

    SE England
    Features wise pretty much all of them have more bells and whistles than most need. Can be as infuriating as electric car seats... like how you can get into an old/basic car, clunk the seat back and forth on it's coarse adjustment runners and be comfy in a few secs but with something that offers infinite adjusment of reach/height/squab and backrest angles you can spend ages faffing around and still not be sure it's as comfy as it could be

    For a portable set... Needs to be a watercooled package with good output. Miller and Lincoln would be off the list as they top out at 200A so off the top of my head it'd be between Kemppi, Lorch, Fronius and EWM. Never used Lorch or EWM and haven't used the latest offerings from Kemppi and Fronius. On the bells and whistles front Kemppi's microtack looks VERY useful, the others probably have something similar though? In the real world it'd probably come down to value (not just cost but dealer attitude, service, back up etc) and ease of use. If it weren't for the fact that we've a Lorch rep on the forum i'd undoubtly end up with the Kemppi as i wouldn't have to go out of my way to find a dealer

    If portablity and performance from a 13A plug isn't a priority then Miller (Dynasty 350, or even 700 as we're ignoring price) and Lincoln (v310-t) would be back on the table and i'd have to investigate Hitachi kit (300 GP2 or whatever the current flavour is called) as they appeared to be favoured by many aerospace companies

    Miller already have cordless foot remotes available, what we really need is a cordless torch for proper freedom. Err, hang on a min :doh:

    Could be worse Shox, haven't ESAB started using CAN BUS or something else complicated resulting in £500 odd for a foot remote!
  15. Balders Member

    UK - Rochester
    My friend was complaining about this on Sunday. Not sure if his is an ESAB but he certainly said it's a CAN BUS pedal. Downright stupid - or for example: is it like saying a Nikon camera will only take Nikon lenses?
  16. Shox Dr

    Shox Dr Chief Engineer to Carlos Fandango

    I don't have a problem with it only fitting one make of machine. I have a BIG problem with the amount of money we get charged for a Footpedal. For a manufacturer to produce them it will be a few quid at the most £10 including profit;

    The importer adds 50%
    Dealer adds 100% that still only works out at 30quid. SO where the hell do they get 250 Bl00dy quid Plus VAT arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrh
  17. scott0031 Member

    England Kent

    I think you know the answer to this Shox its one little 5 letter word that begins with G and ends in D. You want to take a look at commercial CNC's then you will truly know what a rip off is.

    Kind regards,

  18. hotrodder Member

    SE England
    I don't doubt there's more than a bit of the old 'printer ink scam' going on but my thinking/rambling on lifetime costs...

    My Lincoln uses an SSC pedal (they claim tested to 1 million cycles), not especially pricey in the world of TIG pedals but still over £200. Majority of my work is done using the pedal and it gets kicked around dirty floors, has had all sorts of stuff spilt and dropped on it, even been 'hunted' by the yard dog* more than once. It's developed a little slop at the start of travel now but still works fine. If it died tomorrow it would have cost something like £20 per year and despite not using the momentary switch as often as the pedal based on the number of them i've gone through at a few quid a time i wouldn't be surprised if it were possible to spend getting on for £20 a year on them if i used them in preference to the pedal

    * Don't worry, the dog would have been sent away with something more suitable to chew before i struck an arc
  19. asmeix6g

    asmeix6g Banned

    miller dynasty 100% ;)
  20. Freshfabrications

    Croydon UK
    Lorch V30 AC/DC,

    Solid & reliable, baring a small hole in the torch coolant feed and one blown fuse. In built pulser, massive amount of control, stable arc even when using a 5amp low pulse (will go to 3amps) excellent arc start, +ve arc start etc etc.
    Built in water cooler, all on quick connects for the (now all to common) torch changes.

    I use a Elga Optimator reg with twin flow meters for back purges job, has a built in anti-surge device, I'd equate this to a device that stops the reg over pressuring the line between reg and selanoid, and thus stopping a big surge of turbulent over pressurised gas on arc start, saves me a tone of ££ on gas.

    I just purchased a lovely, light Binzel WP20 water cooled torch, it takes the extra large gas lenses and is reserved solely for cycle frame building, its very comfortable to hold in the more tricky positions needed for complex tube to tube joints.

    Add to that the control offered by using a foot pedal, and a remote panel that gives full adjustments of all features right in front of me on the bench means I don't even have to get up from the bench to make adjustments when I'm focused on the job in hand.

    I know that most people would never need a set up like this, but just thought it'd be fun to add my 2 pence worth, out of all the rigs I've used, Lincon's, Miller's, Orlecons, a 45 year old BOC, etc its the nicest I've ever laid my hands on.
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