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  1. Bit down this evening after busting my 6" Sealey bench vice. Only trying to undo a nut with the two foot breaker bar and it's sheared the top of the casting off. Doesn't look to difficult to weld but I couldn't trust it again afterwards.

    What are other peoples recommendations?

    Obviously Record are good but very pricey. My last one wasn't particularly cheap around £50-60, but I wouldn't buy another Sealey.
  2. the snooper

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    i have a six inch vice that has been welded over 17 years ago strong as an ox cant think what make it is though.
  3. I picked up a Record 111 for about £40 second hand but I tried it out tonight and doesnt seem to tighten up very tight. As it tightens, the quick release jumps and it slackens off? Is it boned out??
  4. pedrobedro

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    Strip and lubricate it. I got one on a bench with a shed I bought and the quick release was sticking. Push the lever back in the opposite direction as you close the jaws to see if it will go tighter.
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    'V'eed' out properly and welded with the right rods it should be OK or at least see you through 'til you can get another. Someone on here will have a few cast rods. I wouldn't buy new though, most of the new one's I've seen are crap, get an old Record, they're pretty near bullet proof.

    Edit to add - If you do weld it with cast rods, try and do it outside. The fumes are horrible.
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  6. Bsmith Member

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    I welded a 6" Record vice in the past, its still in use today. It was broken across the almost square slide part and front jaw, V'd out and o/a welded with cast iron rods and flux.
  7. Keep thinking of repair. Even if only for use as a spare vice.

    Only got a mig welder though no stick. I'll have to see if I can get a friend to do it for me.
  8. HasBean

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    I've got an old Paramo, had it for 15 years and my dad had it for 15 years before me so it can't be too bad ;)
  9. I've heard of the Paramo make before. Thought machine mart did them but seems not anymore.
  10. I picked up a Record No25 for 20 quid off ebay. It'd been left for dead, poor thing. Before then it'd been used by someone welding alot, it was in a right state.

    Few hours cleaning it up, and some new jaws, and it's good to go :)
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  11. eil Member

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    How are you going to be able to strike an arc on the front of the vice now Luke after youve painted it :laughing:....... nice job
  12. Bsmith Member

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    Apart from the Record, I acquired 2 second hand Samsonia vices. I think they are unbreakable.
  13. peterd51

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    beautifully done!

    Where did you get the 'new jaws' from please? I have the same vice and the ends of the jaws have been 'caught' by the grinder a fair few times.

  14. I got my jaws from the local engineering supplies place, but i've also found them using google. They're quite dear but i thought it was worth it, considering what i picked the vice up for.

    this link should help.


  15. peterd51

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    Hi Luke,

    nice one!

  16. Litemoth pre-moderated

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    Don't waste your time and money grafting it back together - it was shite to start with. Get a Record (Not a modern Irwin-Record) or a Woden.

    No 23 or 25 (larger quick release type) or a No 6. Depending on what jaw sizes you're after of course.
  17. Litemoth pre-moderated

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    The nut is fecked. You have to buy the spindle and nut assembly (was quoted around £100 for mine) but see if you can grind the burrs off the nut with a dremel - worked on mine!
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