Argoshield size W litres?

  1. steve202

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    Anyone know how long a BOC size W Argoshield will last at 15 lpm and how many litres it can produce?

    I read a thread somewhere and i think it would last 19 hours and there are several thousand litres.. am i right? cant find the thread now.

    cheers Steve.
  2. wyn

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    W size argoshield light is 11.71 m^3

    =11,710 litres

    At 15 lpm =13 hours

    At 10 lpm = 19 hours

    Interesting to see the Y bottle i rent holds 5m^3 = 8 hours at 10lpm
    So if a W is another 11 hours and only costs £4 more for a refill and £7 extra a year to looks like i need to move up a size.
  3. steve202

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    thanks Wyn, thats great.

    i am thinking about changing to Y just for the portability. its a ****** shoving the W in the boot everytime!
  4. migmag

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    Why not check out Air Products new cylinder half the size of the traditional W bottles but the same capacity.
    Even has its own gauge and a fast fit connector.

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