Anyone made a Joggler/Joddler/flanging/edge setting tool?

  1. SwissTony Member

    Just been poking around on the usual online auction site to find a price for one and can't find any under £35.

    Anyone made one before?
  2. Hello Tony,

    I bought mine but discovered that it didn't make very neat joints, so I always butt weld now. The punch is useful however.
    I suppose you could make up a pair of jaws and weld them to a cheapo set of Mole grips? Personally I'd advise against getting one.

  3. Shug

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    I bought a pair and have never used them other than when I first got them and tried em out on a bit of scrap. Just butt welded. Could never be bothered joggling that much metal.
  4. bill_gj

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  5. SwissTony Member

    Only really need it for one job, but funds are to tight to cough up that sort of money for something that I may never use again.

    May just get a couple of lumps of steel and stick some 1mm sheet on them to make the shape, then just whack it with a hammer.
    Would I be able to get enough pressure to create the flange if I was to run 4 bolts like this:
  6. I've got one and used it, also bought one of the fancy ratchet-driven ones but not needed that yet. I've tried to do butt joints where possible, mainly since starting to read on this site about welding in a bit more detail.

    All it's doing is two bends in one go, in many cases you could get the same effect with a big pair of slip-jaw pliers by bending the edge down then up again a few mm further out.
  7. chap Member

    You could use this in a vice to apply the force. Use a pair of dowels/bolts to align the fixture.
  8. Blackjack Member

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    Loads of people, but they usually refer to it as a bead roller???
  9. aametalmaster Member

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    Yup from a pair of Vise Grips and 2 pcs of flatbar welded to the jaws. The flat bar was step cut then welded to the jaws...Bob
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