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  1. BigErn Member

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    Hello folks. Im not completely new to welding but it has been over 2 years, maybe longer, since I held a torch and now I want to brush up a bit.

    I was never a good welder back when I used one, but working in a body shop I had to learn as I used to have to repair and patch the odd body panel. At best my work was passable but was nowhere near the quality I want to achieve. I also did also do some work to the 4 poster ramp and up to now thats still holding cars and vans in the air.:laughing:

    A mate of mine has just offered me a cheap mig set and, after wanting my own for some time, I bought it. It is in brand new condition, not sure if thats a good or bad thing, he bought it on impulse because it was cheap but he already has a good set and has no use for it.

    Now.... this is the part where you all tell me its a crap set.

    Its a Rockworth AR120 and I gave him the £80 back he paid for it.

    All I will be doing with the set is the odd job on the cars, sills and the occasional chassis patch, the usual DIY type stuff. I will also be using it to work on a couple of bike builds I have on the go at the moment too, doing things like mounting new foot hangars and brackets etc.

    Welding is something I have always had an interest in, along with other metal working, so I hope to become a bit of a regular in time.
  2. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

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    Hi BigErn & welcome to the forum!
    Are you sure he did it in that order? Maybe the Rockworth came first, and then he realised his mistake & bought the other welder.
    From what I've read so far, that would be the normal way around.
    This may explain why it's in brand new condition.

    Here are a couple of threads to be going on with:-


    Look on the bright side - having welded before, you may not find it too bad!
    Might as well give it a try, but if you feel as if you've got much worse at welding, it may well be the unit, and not you!

    Hope this helps,
    All the Best,
  3. grumpygramps-2007 Member

    welcome to the forum
  4. BigErn Member

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    Cheers for the welcome, and see I told you you were going to tell me Id bought a crap set.

    Joe I know he's had his other set for about 4 years now and loves it. This was bought just because he thought it was cheap, then realised he had no need for it.

    Well I may as well try it now and see how I get on with it I suppose.
  5. Country Joe Argoshield Dark

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    I re-worded it a few times in an attempt to remove the doom & gloom!
    But like you say, you might as well try it.
    Is it gasless?
  6. BigErn Member

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    Haha well for £80 Ill try it once then if I dont like it Im sure it will go on Ebay or something to another person like me who just thought "oh a cheap MIG, Ill have that" :laughing:

    No if it was gasless I would'nt have touched it as I tried gasless once and couldnt get away with it.
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